1 Little Secret of Financial Independent

This forum is specially for new; I just go into little bit of more details. This forum is all about financial Independence our getting more financial options and you have currently. I will tell you a little secret.

Hey, there this is Rajat from Startup Frat. I got a couple of emails saying, hey man what are we talking about submission? Put your head down and understand. So, what is all of this? So, the game is very simple. This forum is especially for new, I just go into a little bit more details. This forum is all about financial Independence our getting more financial options than you have currently. I will tell you a little secret. The different kinds of economic elements like you have the stocks, bonds have the metals and commodities like gold silver and in other commodities. And then the way you have but things like real estate the way you think have government-backed things like pensions and all that.

The way all of this is going is coming to consolidation. So, you can make a good amount of financial gains and protect your retirement by literally any means. There are hundred different ways to get financially solid compound your money make money whatever it is. But in downtime, the key difference happens this who is closest to the action. So, if the action is over here goods production services being exchanged in the market which constituted the economy and then you have certain instruments. This instrument could be real estate this instrument could be mutual funds, stocks, retirement funds, etc. What typically happens is? You are here and that layers, certain layers that a separating you from the action. Layers separate you from the action.

These layers are also formed by people. Layers of people lives of people processes you know and legal speak and all of that. Separating you from the real action from the real economy goods and services are being exchanged for money on a daily basis. Now the economy is there it may be slowed down but it is still there. There is money being exchanged not typically happen is all these layers are formed by people, so when a contraction happens while the going is good life is good everybody is winning. When a contraction happens all of these layers that a separating you from the action. Contraction happens people realize there is not enough to go around. The people who control your access over here. Who are they gonna take care of first? Are they gonna take care of you? Are they going to take care of themselves?

I just give you 2 or 3 examples. If you are in a job that you thought or in a career industry where you thought, hey man I am gonna float for life and this is good, money is good. I am working for a company that makes money and let’s say Dollars and Pounds. So, income levels are better than the next person. It’s a 5 day work week. Life is good. Now what is happening is this company that is formed of layers and layers of people. These layers are going to protect themselves first ok and not you. If you’re into Mutual Funds or stock these are for organizations formed by people if you invest in a particular company, the management is who are they going to take care of first, themselves. Then you have the primary big investors. The big investors are the accredited investors. Who are they going to take care of first you are them?

They gonna take care of them first. Then if there is something left maybe a 1% return something you get it. If nothing is left you get nothing. Mutual funds, the organizations who are they going to take care of first? You or them. they gonna take care of themselves. So when the market is growing at 16% you get only an 11% return out of it. The average market is growing at 16% your fund is giving your 11% why does it take care of itself first. The market tanks at 10% ok you make a negative 15% return because it takes care of themselves first. So the market is tanking at 10% and you are saying a mutual fund goes down by 15%. Hold on investment is a long-term game etc. You are separated from the action by layers and these layers don’t have your best interest at heart. In real estate, you invest in a property or whatever builder has a cash crunch. What does the builder do? Do they pay you a penalty? They don’t. Let you deal with the banks yourself once you finance the house you have to pay the EMI regardless of where you get the position of the house or not the shop or whatever maybe commercial property are not.

If you thought you were an investor you suddenly realize that you are the sacrificial goat. Now, what are you gonna do next? What’s the next point? So, the main point is the number one thing you need to submit at this time is the realization that you need to be dealing in the market yourself. It needs to be you, your name, your brand, control over what you do control over your cash flow, and all of that. Direct access to the action is the only thing this can work at this time. as long as you submit to that realization you are a majority of the way there because opening the window of the mind is the biggest challenge. So, you need to do this.

Sign thing is people say, hey man there are many reasons why that ideas do not accommodate in my mind and I am just going look for another job, another industry, If I am an investor instead of investing in stock I will go to gold and silver. Because gold is doing well, silver is doing well, diamonds are doing well, etc. All of that other site technical stuff. There are some mental blocks when it comes to people who think about their own brand, their own access to the market. Doing something that you know they control themselves. This is a scary thought because he hasn’t controlled anything in a long way long time. So, it’s a scary thought and I am there with you. When I say, hey man gone go into all these social with myself in my little dingy boat, it’s scary. I am there with you. Let me pull away the layers scared today and see if I can help you to take that step.

What are the different things?

So, what are the different things? First of all, mental block. You think it is complicated, that’s why I can’t do it. The second thing is, you think when I go to the market, I will definitely have to sell the products or service. This completes building a business, how product and services the and second this is complicated sell. It’s very difficult and you know traditionally If you see some of the movies around sells and all that they involve lots of hard-selling, lot of running around and all of that. A lot of high adrenally action. So, people think hey man I don’t know If I will be able to do that. The third thing is personality types. You may have seen successful business people but looking at them and their personality type, It seems that they are descended from another planet. They don’t swim like me, they don’t talk like me, then don’t walk like me. They seem different. They seem that they are like some major Greek Gods who have descended from some other planet. Personality that doesn’t jealous of you like I don’t know if I will be able to be that person you know.

The Fourth thing is the fear of Hurt. Which is, if hey man what if I don’t do well? There are two kinds of Hurt that you are scared about the scared of losing money and the scared of being a wrong, failure. Scared of being wrong, scared of failure, losing money. Both of these are deep-seated into your DNA. There are DNA-level fears that are not a problem we have helped you. What are the things that you have to submit and these are the hard roots? By making this problem easy for you, I am also going to make it difficult for you because there’s nothing left standing between you and your potential success.

Setting up of the business house and building your own products and services is not complicated. In fact, it can be done literally over a weekend. The whole concept plan in the blueprinting can be done literally over a weekend. You don’t need to build a whole lot of stuff yourself, there is already a glut of production services in the market. All you need to do is figure out who needs a man at what price and then you can create value. What is value? The only thing you can do to solve this confusion is, there are people with money who are willing to solve a problem for them in their mind. They are willing to let’s say pay 100 rupees to solve a problem. You find an easy way to solve their problem and you are able to get it over to them at let’s say less than 100 bucks let’s say 80. The moment you are able to provide a solution to People’s problems at a price point less than what they thought they would have to pay for it, is when value is created.

So, all of this stuff about building out complex business hours are you know production machinery office AC employees, etc. It goes out the window its by-products are not even something to think about. It’s not something you think about. What you gotta be thinking about is? What is it that people need? Ok, and what is it that they willing to pay? and can I provide to them even if the product is not my own, even If I get it from somewhere? and can I provide to them at a price point that whatever price finder is willing to pay for and provide them lower values instantly created? A complicated thing goes out the window and the sell goes out the window. Seriously that is zero heart sell involved over here.

The second thing is people, understand there are certain people obviously people who been in business long enough, etc. Who understands the different ins and outs of the business comes. They may be five or ten different variables. They understand but they don’t talk about it. All you see outside is you know factories, officers and employees and big boards and big brands and all that. You don’t see that the inside stuff which is there understand maybe five or ten of the microprocessor that going to building a business. Little more than you. Fun fact most of the knowledge that they have knowledge is changing so fast today in today’s economy changing so fast. Most of the knowledge that they have can be broken down 80% of the edge that they have into maybe 3 skill sets.

This is not something I invented. If you go on the Internet to find you know people talking about here at the max 3 skill sets away from bringing building your dream life. You are at the max 3 skill sets away from building your dream life. For different businesses, different industries, etc this could be different skill sets. I don’t know because I haven’t been involved and worked in every industry. But I worked in quite a few. Anyway, you are the max 3 skill sets away from building a dream Life. Now the fun part is that there are certain options opening up in the market. How many maybe around a hundred options opening up in the market? Where chances are that you can build this learning in 100 different combinations over a period of maybe two to three months. 100 different opportunity areas, not 1, 2, 5,7, 10, no 100 different opportunity areas that are opening up where you can build the skill set in a period of 60 to 90 days.

Then you can be at this level in one of those 100 areas. You want me Superhuman you won’t be agreeing God were descended from astern and all of that. But it is a certain area where money is being exchanged you can become as good or bad as the next guy within a period of 2 to 3 months. Why is that? Because These areas and you’re constantly evolving and some other tools and techniques that are available today to be able to improve yourself or not available five years back or two years back or four years back. So the game is changing, the game is improving and you have a window of opportunity.

The window of opportunity is opening up. Now, what about this man what about being wrong and losing money in all of that the fear the hurt. See it’s like driving a bicycle. You driving a bicycle and let me just go back little there was a time when you could do without knowing how to drive a vehicle. Because you know private vehicles were super and affordable and all of that and even to get a Bajaj scooter to take 10 years of waiting etc. So, if you didn’t know how to ride, no matter for using public transport anyway. Then came the 1990s everybody had their own bike or at least their own car or bike or something they had at least one vehicle in the house. Which they owned and with somebody in the house know how to drive.

This forum is specially for new; I just go into little bit of more details. This forum is all about financial Independence our getting more financial options and you have currently. I will tell you a little secret.

So you have to learn it because the time demanded it. Then came 2000-2010 then however many people are there in the house as long as they added they must know how to drive. Maybe a bike or a car and usually household you’re find maybe 2 cars or a couple of bikes, two cars and bikes, or one car and two bikes. We have a minimum of three vehicles in every household. It is imperative today for everybody to be able to drive if they wanna get around and take advantage of the economy or even do things like Monday shopping and all that they people there is not enough time to do all of this. So, you need to be able to drive around yourself and get stuff done otherwise the world is moving too fast you’ll get left behind. So you had to submit any had to learn that skill of driving.

Let us say a bike or a bicycle or whatever and that’s where the journey started that is the skill set. Now, what about getting hurt sometimes you did get hurt you and all the above that shop you. Did that stop you? People stopped learning about a bicycle because they got hurt a couple of times. They are the ones today you probably will not be able to manage regardless the how much Uber and Ola run in this country. They will not be able to manage and not be to run at a speed, not be able to enjoy themselves in an economy that is running at top speed. Now what you can do is your side wheel things that are there for the bicycle ride, so driving you don’t really fall but that little Wheel on either side can help sure. So I will be able to provide you with some of these wheels with a couple of conditions.

I will be able to provide you with some of these wheels so that you don’t fall directly. So there is some protection and you can actually learn how to drive straight, how to ride that bike straight without the use of these wheels. The condition is that slowly what I would like you to do is keep racing these wheels so that you’re not dependent on them anymore.

So, we have a program and incubation program which takes the heart out of the equation. Now, why my telling you all this if you are the right kind of person, corporate professional looking out for options, certified professional like doctor, lawyer, architecture, who is lost in an ocean of other doctors, lawyers, charted accountants. You don’t feel secure anymore or your small business owner is sick and tired of getting hurt in the market. With every little political, social, economic, or health-related issue like covid of something turns around the first thing your business is out of order. Then I have some options for you but like I said the good news is the bad news. Once I am through with you, nothing will be standing in the way of your success except you yourself.

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