Message from Rajat

Message From Rajat

About Rajat

Hi, I’m Rajat Sinha – and on behalf of the Startup Frat Community I want to welcome you to our world.

I am committed to helping 100,000 Individuals like you, to craft your message and take it to the world, because They Need to Hear it…..and They Are Looking for You.

I truly appreciate the fact that you are here.

So, let’s get to know each other.

My Background

The year was 2005 – I was working in a hospital, a freshly qualified doctor from India’s No.2 ranked Medical College.

But I was quickly realizing that the future looked very different from what my ambitions yearned for. I was Not Happy.

One of my friends – who was to later become my mentor – asked me what my favorite car was.
“BMW Z4 roadster”, I said. He then asked me what my favorite place on the planet was….. “Switzerland”, I said.

(Achieving either of those was unimaginable at the time).

Then he told me the ONE Thing that made it all clear, suddenly.

I realized why the dots didn’t add up!

I realized why I was not Happy!

At Last, I could See Clearly.

And Most Importantly, I realized that There Was Nothing Wrong with Me…..

You see, my mentor said “So, let’s get into your new BMW and go over to Switzerland!”…..

I thought he was joking…. “Well, even a 6-yr old knows that you cannot drive to Europe, you gotta take a flight (d-uh)”, I said.

And There, my Friends – Lay the Problem…. you see … there was a mismatch between the Vehicle and the Destination.


To this day, that advice remains more important to me than 20+ years of formal education.

Re-Inventing a New Life

I wanted to take control over the following 3 things in my life –

  • My Money – The Good Life is Expensive
  • My Time – Control over What I do, When I do it, Whom I spend time with, and for How Long
  • My Security – The Assurance that the Above 2 Items will Continue to be The Same or Better, REGARDLESS of whether I Wake up Tomorrow or not,

For that I had to learn the following 3 skills, and Learn them Fast

  • Sales – The Ability to Help People Understand Your (or your product’s) Value, and Pay You in Exchange for that Value
  • Marketing – The Ability to Find a LOT of Such People Who Are Waiting to Acquire Your Value – but may not know Where to Find You, or that You even Exist
  • Productizing – Packaging Your Value into Products or Services that are Simple to Explain, Simple to Sell, and Simple for your Customers to Consume

I sold Credit cards

I sold Home re-Finance

I sold Technology deals

I traveled the world

I hit the top 1% Income Earners Bracket 3 years in a row

In 2015, a Company I had sweat equity in, had a Silicon Valley merger which brought in Hundreds of Crores of rupees in taxes and foreign investments to India.

Helping my fellow human has been a top priority for me ever since I’ve been around.

I believe that the ONE thing you can do to SUPERCHARGE your social effort, is to work with the right organizations and put Your Power behind the right causes.

I am very active in bringing Education to the poor, and in upliftment of Women and Children.

My Message to You

I believe that The Right Skills used in the Right Manner can help you Live a Dream Life, and help contribute to your country and society.

Not only do you need to Acquire these skills, you need to Upgrade, re-Tool, re-Package, and when necessary Discard and Replace Everything you Know – every 7 to 10 years.

I believe that you have a Message hidden within you too…. formed by Your Thoughts, Your Experiences, Your Beliefs and your Track Record.

As the world becomes a unified marketplace, it is Your Responsibility to share that Message with the World…. and Allow those who need to hear it – to connect with you.

It is the ULTIMATE GOAL of your Evolution.

So let me ask you – Do You Have Something to Share?

If so, join me LIVE in my next webinar!