Message From Rajat

About Rajat

So, let’s get to know each other.

Hi, I’m Rajat Sinha – and on behalf of the Startup Frat Community I want to welcome you to our world.

I am committed to helping 100,000 Individuals like you, to craft your message and take it to the world, because They Need to Hear it…..and They Are Looking for You.

I truly appreciate the fact that you are here.

My Background

The year was 2005 – I was working in a hospital, a freshly qualified doctor from India’s No.2 ranked Medical College.


But I was quickly realizing that the future looked very different from what my ambitions yearned for. I was Not Happy.

One of my friends – who was to later become my mentor – asked me what my favorite car was.
“BMW Z4 roadster”, I said. He then asked me what my favorite place on the planet was….. “Switzerland”, I said.

(Achieving either of those was unimaginable at the time).

Then he told me the ONE Thing that made it all clear, suddenly.

I realized why the dots didn’t add up!

I realized why I was not Happy!

At Last, I could See Clearly.

And Most Importantly, I realized that There Was Nothing Wrong with Me…..

You see, my mentor said “So, let’s get into your new BMW and go over to Switzerland!”…..

I thought he was joking…. “Well, even a 6-yr old knows that you cannot drive to Europe, you gotta take a flight (d-uh)”, I said.

And There, my Friends – Lay the Problem…. you see … there was a mismatch between the Vehicle and the Destination.


To this day, that advice remains more important to me than 20+ years of formal education.

Re-Inventing a New Life

I wanted to take control over the following 3 things in my life –

My Money

The Good Life is Expensive

My Security

The Assurance that the Above 2 Items will Continue to be The Same or Better, REGARDLESS of whether I Wake up Tomorrow or not,

My Time

Control over What I do, When I do it, Whom I spend time with, and for How Long

For that I had to learn the following 3 skills, and Learn them Fast


The Assurance that the Above 2 Items will Continue to be The Same or Better, REGARDLESS of whether I Wake up Tomorrow or not,


The Ability to Find a LOT of Such People Who Are Waiting to Acquire Your Value – but may not know Where to Find You, or that You even Exist


Packaging Your Value into Products or Services that are Simple to Explain, Simple to Sell, and Simple for your Customers to Consume

I sold Credit cards


I sold Home re-Finance


I sold Technology deals


I traveled the world

I hit the top 1% Income Earners Bracket 3 years in a row

In 2015, a Company I had sweat equity in, had a Silicon Valley merger which brought in Hundreds of Crores of rupees in taxes and foreign investments to India.
Helping my fellow human has been a top priority for me ever since I’ve been around.

I believe that the ONE thing you can do to SUPERCHARGE your social effort, is to work with the right organizations and put Your Power behind the right causes.

I am very active in bringing Education to the poor, and in upliftment of Women and Children.

My Message to You

I believe that The Right Skills used in the Right Manner can help you Live a Dream Life, and help contribute to your country and society.

Not only do you need to Acquire these skills, you need to Upgrade, re-Tool, re-Package, and when necessary Discard and Replace Everything you Know – every 7 to 10 years.

I believe that you have a Message hidden within you too…. formed by Your Thoughts, Your Experiences, Your Beliefs and your Track Record.

As the world becomes a unified marketplace, it is Your Responsibility to share that Message with the World…. and Allow those who need to hear it – to connect with you.

It is the ULTIMATE GOAL of your Evolution.

So let me ask you – Do You Have Something to Share?

If so, join me LIVE in my next webinar!