3 Things You Need to Change for Building Billionaire Mindset

3 Things You Need to Change for Building Billionaire Mindset

Hey there, this is Rajat here and I want to talk about the observable universe today. What is the observable universe? There are planets and galaxies outside of a planet absolutely. We have been trying to reach their study them figure out you know if there is life anywhere else. If there are livable conditions anywhere else etc. Then we come to the point where the astronomers and all the scientists say till the observable universe this is what we know. So, they’ve done studies on samples and things like that.

They figured out the universe is comprised of let’s say 100 and 100’s of these Galaxies. Let us say our galaxies are over here and we are somewhere inside the galaxy. The 100 and 100’s of these galaxies are all over. But these planets, these galaxies, and these stars are moving away from each other. These stars and these galaxies are moving away from each other. Which means the universe is expanding? So, if there is a brother or sister star of our sun they are moving farther and farther apart as time goes on. They are moving farther and farther apart.

Not only that, the speed with which they are moving apart is also increasing with time. Which means accelerating away from each other. They not only move at a constant speed away from each other they actually accelerate. The speed is also increasing. Now what happens is some of these planets are so far away that with the time that has passed you know with them traveling far away from the sun or from our galaxy. The speed has become so much that light that comes from those stars or from those galaxies will never be able to overtake the speed at which they are traveling faster away from us.

Which means the light will never be able to overtake. What is the speed of light? The speed of light is like 300000 km/second. In spite of 3 lakh km per second light will never be able to escape from those galaxies because they moving fast and faster away to a point where there unreachable even by the site. Forget about being unreachable by spaceship, they are unreachable even by the site. We will never see. Them they will always exist but will never be able to see them. Forget about reaching them.

Now, why I am talking about this? Let me take you to the story of Sushil and Seema. Brother and sister Sushil and Seema. They grow up in the same household, they go to the same school, they are brought up on the same belief system, but when Sushil is 17 it takes a small decision. He says I am gonna do something crazy when I come to know that you can actually go out and do something crazy like let’s say like a business.

Instead of going for a job, for campus placement, for college placement, or something like that. I want to go and figure out to do some business. He goes out and does some business. He is not very successful at it or something. He learns something out of it and then he said Ok. He tries to do a job goes back to a job after 4 years he again wants to do some business it takes all is life-saving and puts them again into some business ideas. Something works something does not work.

He goes away a learner person. By the time he is 32 35 somewhere around that age. He realizes he gonna make a final push. Now, this time he is not acting from Instinct, this time is not acting from emotion. This time he is acting from learning from the place of the learning process. He is done this a couple of times in his work with a couple of companies, he understands how companies work on the inside, he understands how the market works on the outside. He is not been very successful but the learning. He makes a final push and by the time he is 45 is financially free. Let us say he is financially free. He got a few crores in the bank whatever.

You know Seema does what has been told to work through and through. Which is you know to be a good student, go to her job, she does her job, stay cool. You know work on weekdays parties on the weekend, spend time with friends and family, etc. By the time she is 43, she is a vice president in another job doing very well, etc. Now, the important thing is this, that if an event like the housing crash of 2008. If an event like the 9-11 stock market meltdown. If an event like the covid-19 meltdown. If any of these events are essentially financial events. Because any time the world goes into disarray because whatever is a terrorist strike, or there is banking fraud whether it’s a disease.

They actually end up affecting financial markets. Because the order of the world, you know exposes bubbles and instability. Then the instability comes crashing down in the stock market, you know the market ends up being a financial issue for everybody. Even if you yourself and hundreds of your family members never came near covid it’s a financial issue for you. If the housing crash of 2008 which happened in the US became a problem for your stock Holdings in India. Then becomes a financial issue for you. In 9-11, if the US market crashes and foreign direct investment in India reduce and you lose your job because that’s the financial issue for you.

What happens is, in the case of any kind of financial issue which is going to come every seven to ten years. If you see that trend every seven to ten years that’s of financial markets work. Every seven to ten years cycle and then they come back, reconsolidate, It removes the inefficiencies and the bubbles. Then goes forward maybe there’s a crash after 7 to 10 years inefficiency gets beaded out then it goes forward. So, while the financial market of the world is on a constant expansion. Over a long period of time, it’s in constant expansion. What is happening is that the individual galaxies over here are moving apart at a rate they will not able to see each other in a small period of time.

Let me explain to you, how that works? The first time it happens, Sushil is 45 and Seema is 43. Sushil knows something that Seema doesn’t. Which is how to survive in the bad market condition? Sushil makes a final push, he becomes rich. His kids watch him doing that. Now, what are they gonna learn about it? They gonna learn, that you need to be smart, you need to understand how the market works, you need to understand how to self-propagate, you need to understand how to create products, you need to know how to sell.

So, they are gonna learn these. What are Seema’s kids gonna learn? Go to school get a job hope for the best. What if Sushil’s kids? If they follow the same pattern, they gonna probably become successful faster and faster. Children of businesspeople generally become successful faster and faster. Provided they take the learning and implement it themselves rather than just inheriting the business from their parents.

In India, you know lots of times what happens is people inherit the business from their parents but they don’t know how to run it. But that’s not how it really works. Children of successful parents today are taking the learning going out and doing different things in different markets becoming wildly successful. Even though they may not have taken any money from home. So, the kids of successful parents learn something different. So, Sushil’s kids, let’s say that 2 kids. They learn something different. Seema’s 2 kids learn something different.

What’s gonna happen in the next generations? They gonna have maybe 2 more kids and these two more kids and two more kids. By this time, What’s gonna happen is that what Sushil used to believe in is going to become a movement. Maybe these guys are gonna be in the newspaper all the time because they’re leading other people into you know it into the wilderness of whatever it is. If you take it down 2 generations, these cousins are going to be so far different in their understanding, in their financial achievements, and in the way that they see the world. They will not be able to relate to each other anymore.

2 generation

My question to you is? If you had the choice today, would you like your kids or grandkids to be more business-minded or job-oriented? Because you can’t do it both ways. In one or two generations, the world is moving faster today than it has ever mood before. And these things a working out today faster and faster and don’t even take two generations. Think back to the time you went to school and think back to your best friend. How much alike are you guys today probably not very much. Can you hang out with them for 30 minutes and an hour, two hours over a beer or coffee? Chances are I don’t know maybe, maybe not.

Because you are not that much alike anymore. The world my friend is moving faster and faster away from each other in terms of opinions, understanding, in terms of how we see the world. If you don’t make the right choices in the right choices could be a difficult choice today. Then you won’t have to wait for your grandkids to be business-minded or job-oriented. That won’t be a grandkid. That will be you 10 years from now. That will be you 20 years from now. And life expectancy today is 90 years. Billionaires today are planning their financial future, so it can last them at least 90 years if not more.

All the billionaire lives to be 90 plus, many live to be 99 – 100 years old. They are saying that 2 generations from now after the year 2050 – 2070 kids will be born at that time will live to be 150. Those are the advancements of medical science today. If you’re still living in the old economy a job like an old-time business exists just because you have a store on MG road Bangalore or a nice location. The store exists solely because you have a good location. These are the financial choices of the old world.

In the new World, they will not survive. Even a job, even if you are able to do a central government job as an IAS officer. You start working at 25 years of age and you will retire at 60 – 65 years away. So only 40 years of productive work for 100 years of living my friend. And a living that demands luxury, living that demands comfort, and a living that will demand the best for you and your family. So, this is not the story of the universe and this is another story Sushil and Seema, my friend. This is the story of you and me and we are not here in a business mindset. We are here in a job-oriented mindset. This is happening to us right now.

Things to do for a change

So, what it be that you can do to make the change? 3 simple things. What you gonna do is? you gonna have to decide, you will have to Choose. You will have to choose, which way you wanna go. The second thing is you will have to Learn. What is it that the billionaires of today are learning and teaching their kids? You and I need to learn. We need to know it now. And with them, we need to act on it. So you gonna choose which side you wanna be. Do you wanna just cruise just because hey Corona didn’t finally end up taking my job so I am safe, I don’t need to do anything. Did you wanna stay that way or do you want to do something different? You wanna learn and get ready for the future market. Secondly, you wanna learn.

What is the third thing? You gonna rub shoulders with people who are on the same journey as you. And That’s gonna improve? you’re understanding gonna improve, your mindset is gonna improve, the way you utilize your time is gonna quantum increase your effects in life in a matter of a few days. So, what you gonna do is? You gonna circulate in the right circles. If you are willing to do all of these 3. Just right in the comment box, I am in.

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