4 Brutal Truths About Marketing – And How It Affects You

It is no secret that I support (heck – ‘Profess’ and ‘Propagate’) the view that Marketing is the most valuable single skill on the planet – and that its
contributions to mankind stretch far beyond any other.

[For those that would like a softer landing – Marketing is the magic skill that attracts customers and converts them to sales, all day long]

In fact, we are up to our eyeballs in everyday examples of how Marketing has touched our lives, and how those Marketers have been rewarded by us (yes, by US!) in terms of abundance and popularity.

Companies like Apple, Ford, Toyota and individuals like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jan Koum improved the world for for everyone – and not only for themselves or their bank balance(s)!

Can you imagine a world where only 1% of people could afford a car? Or a cell-phone, for that matter? Can you imagine paying 5 cents for each text message?
Can you imagine a world where bodybuilding was an unknown sport? Or movies with chocolate-boy action heroes like they had in the fifties?

No, not anymore…. can you?

In fact, I could go to the extent of saying that the inventor of the Computer (or the motor car) had less impact on the world than the chaps who brought it to our doorstep, and into our homes and lives.
Most of the world was rather unaffected by these things before Henry Ford, or Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs showed up.

Hence – the New Definition of Marketing – Marketing is the magic skill that attracts customers and converts them to sales, at a SCALE that creates a trend at a global or cultural level.
Point Taken?? Okay, so let’s move on…

The next question is – why should this affect you?

If you just spent a couple hundred grand getting a medical degree, or spent the last 10 years mastering the Ukulele, why should you be expected to suddenly change course and get frightfully interested in Marketing – yuck – who DOESN’T hate selling anyways?

…because….(read above) – if you cannot utilize your college degree, or your love of music – at a SCALE that creates ripples, not only will you never get paid what you REALLY deserve for all your hard work; worse still – it will be a colossal waste of human opportunity that you could have utilized to make the world so much better for everyone else.

Henry Ford was chugging along with his Car company quite well (thank you very much), it’s just that he wanted EVERYONE to own a car… and that’s what changed the world!

The world was chugging along quite nicely with mobile calling, and texting, and email – but let’s just face it – Jan Koum did all of us a HUGE favor by beating everyone else to the finish line with WhatsApp…
(heck I know entire Companies that use WhatsApp as their business messenger of choice, as opposed to traditional email!!)

So – in whatever trade you practise – you MUST learn to market yourself, and you MUST learn to figure out HOW your existing product or service can go that much further in solving a pressing, (albeit undeclared) need.

And I can promise that you won’t ever have to “sell” anything to anyone – EVER.
Hence – Marketing is the magic skill that finds hidden, but pressing needs in the market and presents products or services that can take care of those needs. [Also Read: It is NOT the Product, but the Prospect that Matters]

If you’ve spent lots of time and money learning a trade or getting a professional degree, even better – you probably understand the market better than most people, and are that much better suited to fixing problems that you KNOW exist.

If you’ve not yet decided what you want to do, even better – you can sell for others – via Affiliate Marketing, and hone your skill by learning and applying the Principles of Marketing to other people’s readymade products, and earn commission through it!

So, here are the 4 Brutal Truths about Marketing, and Why You Need to Master It:

  1. EVERYONE needs to be a marketer – regardless of whether they are a Professional, or Employee, or Business Owner. Marketing will help you make a difference in the world.
  2. The product does not really matter – Even mediocre products will do great with good marketing skill.
  3. Learning the process of Marketing can be very lucrative – whether to boost your existing trade, or as a full-time hobby
  4. Affiliate Marketing can enable you to use your marketing skill to promote ready-made products in return for commission earnings.

If you would like to get started with a GREAT Off-The-Shelf Product, with good income potential, you can try LeadBling.

Good Luck, and I’ll talk to you soon! ‘

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