Express Highway Approach To Making Sales

It talks about the sales process like an Express Highway, which has the little toll plazas in the middle. The customers or the prospects enter from one point, and then they go through a process where they have to pay a toll at specific points in order to move to the next level.

So if they reach a toll plaza, they have to pay a toll tax. People have to invest something like time, energy. They have to do a few things or maybe express their interest in some way, shape, or form into moving to the next level. And then they go on to the next level or the next segment. And if they don’t, then they can exit the highway.

After some time, there’s another toll plaza, which requires them to take something like action. It requires the customers to take certain measures to move to the next level. And then, if they don’t want to do that, they are free to exit the highway. It then leads you to the final run. By that time, the number of customers that have reached there, you pretty much figure out how many of those customers will convert it to a sale, thus making the whole process predictable.

You need predictability in your sales and marketing. Otherwise, you will not be able to survive this. So if you are a corporate professional, independent professional, small business owner, you need to master this stuff right now because you may be requiring it in your career, business, or profession.

Now, what we are doing is we are creating a machine. And it’s similar to that Express Highway. Customers enter, and there’s a toll, then they go to the next level, and there’s also a toll. They go to the next level once again, and there’s a toll, too. With every level they reach, there’s a toll. Finally, they reach their destination and get what they want, which is the price. The whole expressway is a machine. So what we have done is we have created this machine, and we let this machine do the sales for us. So, if you haven’t watched the videos on how the expressway works, I would recommend that you go and watch a bunch of videos. You’ll get the idea because all of these concepts are interrelated.

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