How to get a prospect to agree to your product?

How to get a prospect to agree to your product?

Boosting your sales training, whatever you do now whatever we do speak about the express highway, we spoke about the express highway concept, we spoke about not being cheap and not being throwing all your stone or not throwing all your tricks and tips and doing all the convincing to 1 prospect but rather using prospects you know using the prospect’s attention as the variable in front of your defined offer. How do we do this? How do we create this? So what do we do? And how do we do it?

Get a prospect to agree to your product

What we do is, to get a prospect to agree to your product or to even pay attention to your product has to break a bunch of different barriers. Getting a prospect to agree or even to consider you as worth spending the 1% half percent of their mind the tension is you know has to break three or four barriers. What are these barriers? Is this idea something that interests me? How much time is going to take for me to? What are the barriers? How much time is going to take for me to look at this? If it takes somebody to call, Hey sir we have good investment options if you give us 30 minutes of your time. I don’t have 30 minutes of my time to look at investment options.

Plain and simple, what are the barriers? What is it that I am gonna have to pay out in terms of time, energy, mind space, etc? The third thing, belief systems, is this something that agrees or disagrees with my belief. If there is a person who has a mindset that says, you know these finance people, investment consultants, they are only out to get my money. Then that’s a belief system, you cannot move. So ideally that’s not a kind of prospect issue you should be talking about too. If you like a multi-level marketing guy and some people say, this MLM doesn’t want to hear about it and you still like hey man. What do you know about MLM? Let me come over to your house and you know just talk to you out of it. That is not going to happen.

So belief systems and The Fourth thing of course definitely is the price and the engagement. Once again, if I wanted to have this benefit you know how much it’s going to cost etc. Now, if your prospect comes over to you, if your prospect cuts your cross half with your patience says ok let’s come to the point, what’s the price? Then that means you have not thought about these beliefs and you presented some information that brings them out here. Please bring them out here straight, and even if you talk about the price the discount even if you give it away for free. If these other three items are not taken care of, then you’re not on solid ground, you are not gonna close the deal.

How to solve this problem?

We solve this problem by using the express highway approach. What we do is we create a box out of it. At the bottom is your product inside. Just like Egyptians used to hide the dead bodies of the emperors right inside the crypt. So you have to break through six or seven layers of the pyramids in order to get to the real thing which was the real bejeweled. They put on all kinds of gold and everything is put on them on the bodies and then they were engraved over there.

What we do is, use a three-stage process in order to create this box. What is the three-stage process? The first stage is an interest or idea, what is the big Idea? We talk about one Idea, we say this is our idea if this interests you hit the link below. You know come to my webinar or call me, WhatsApp me. Just get the obtained. Which is, hey can I call you? Can I message you? Would you like to come here? Would you like to hit my web link?

The first thing is the interest or the idea. They are interested in your idea of achieving a certain result. Now subconsciously we have been a commercial species for the last five thousand eight thousand years, which means trade brought us together. This is why we are not killing each other and we’re not becoming extinct like the other species. We can coordinate on basic principles like trade.

So psychologically everybody knows that there is gonna be a trade at the end. What you do is you need to get them, open up their barriers and if they want this idea and they do the obtained which is the hit your link, they give you the WhatsApp number, they give you the email. Then the next stage is, you give them something that brings them closer, give them a reward, something that brings them closer to their goal.

How to do it?

You give them how-to information that helps them achieve that goal without your product. You give them how to 6 points, 7 points, 10 points on how to achieve these things. What people are doing in all the different directions. You know in order to achieve the same result that you want, If you want to impact nature in a better way you know 10 ways how you can do it. If you want to increase your income in 10 ways, how do you do it? how to do it?

If you want to become a better pair and better guitar player, etc. There are 10 ways to do it. 7 ways, 6 ways 5 ways 3 ways where any number will do. This should not include your product but all of these ways should be encapsulated in your product so make sure you name only the items that are later that your product is gone enable or enforce or accelerate. Then you are the same for another micro commitment which is to come and meet me over here or whatever come to meet me in my webinar.

How to get a prospect to agree to your product?

The third micro commitment you know they achieve all these seven or 10 results that you mentioned earlier. With one single solution that costs them one time does not take too much headache to maintain. People only look for three or four things: how much time, how many headaches, how much effort, and how much money is it gonna cost for me to achieve my desired result. Now, this my friend is what you call the hot box. This is your express highway. It’s got all the tools and everything built-in. What should do is once this hot box is ready, all you do is the entrance to this box to keep bringing more and more people and asking them only one question. We have this idea. Does this idea interest you?

If the idea interests them, then they perform an action which is they pay some toll by doing the WhatsApp obtain that I spoke about earlier the email obtains. Something that allows you to connect with them with their permission, and then you say, hey we have this something really cool thing where you can achieve this result that we spoke about 10 different ways, none of those 10 ways cost money or non of those 10 ways cost efforts, or non of those 10 ways cost time, any of the above. Then you present them 10 ways, 5 ways, 3 ways, 7 ways on how they can achieve that result. Except that now you are doing the work of Google if you have provided them your product they would have gonna Google duo and then they would have gotten lost.

What you are doing is you providing all the Googling to them upfront, then you say, hey by the way we have something coming up you know will be able to showcase something that could help you. You know would you like to join us at this place for a tea party, for a webinar, for a meeting and you know they come over there and then you showcase your product to sell him and you remember all those 10 things you talk about.

We thought won’t it be great if you could encapsulate all those 10 little benefits into one product. This is the product and this is the price. That’s how you help them close on the product. Now there are things called advance negotiating and closing which means for anything that cost of crore or lakh of rupees, people gonna ask for a discount. How do you build the message around? This whole thing works on your messaging. how do you build the message around your lean startup?

What is a lean startup? The first layer is the message the second layer is outreach. How do you get the word out? Outreach ok. The third is your business house, which contains not one but many products. A business house should contain not one but many products.

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