How to Maximize an Opportunity?

Today, we’ll talk about the structure of opportunity. There are three little secrets about the opportunity. We are talking specifically about the financial opportunity because all of us are in the game.

First Secret of Opportunity

The first key determinant of any opportunity is very few people can see it. So it’s not apparent. It’s not apparent to the untrained eye. You need to be trained eyes to see opportunity. You should have been in the same industry for 10 to 15 years before you start seeing opportunities that other people don’t see, or you should have been maybe an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs go out and play in the market every single day.

Because every day is a day of risk and reward for them. They are trained to understand certain opportunities. And then there may be some knowledge that you understand so much even though it may not be your profession. It may not be your kind of a paid profession. It’s a hobby that you followed through for so long that when you see opportunities that could be financial opportunities, other learning opportunities, or anything else, you are probably going to be more trained to see it than anybody else.

Second Secret of Opportunity

Now the second thing is opportunities don’t last long. Why is it? The reason is that when an opportunity comes by, very few people recognize it. They start taking advantage of it, and some of them fail, some of them succeed. Very soon, the people who succeeded will open the path for other people to see the opportunity. Other people start identifying it if they fail to try to capitalize on it. They learn new tips and techniques of success from the people who have gained from it. Very soon, they will also start getting results. Over time, as everybody starts to get results, the thing becomes publicized and glutted.

Third Secret of Opportunity

The third thing I want to talk to you about is an opportunity that’s on the rise, and that opportunity is called Covid. Because a lot of industries are on the decline and certain industries are on the incline. Certain people who know how to utilize slowdowns are on the incline. They are taking advantage of it.

Now, two types of people take advantage of opportunities: short-term gainers and long-term gainers.

Short-Term Gainers

When the short-term gainers see the opportunity, they probably take some benefit out of it. But every opportunity contains within it the seed to mold yourself and become better, the seed to utilize that opportunity. Utilize the learning, mold yourself, submit and become better. Become better for the future so that you can see other opportunities in other industries and take advantage of them. Short-term gainers take advantage of the opportunity, but they don’t learn, and they don’t mold themselves. They ride the wave they find, and then the opportunity goes by, and they’re chilled out in the future. They talk to their kids and grandkids saying, hey, there was one time when I got a windfall gain.

Long-Term Gainers

Long-term gainers submit to the opportunity. They mold themselves, learn, and learn how to become future-proof. They build skills that will be useful to them in identifying and capitalizing on such opportunities even in the future.

Covid Opportunity

This opportunity (Covid) is not about the smart and the fast and the experienced to take advantage; it’s about the people who thought that success was beyond them, who probably had lost a little bit of hope as well. They probably thought to themselves; this is how it is, this is how it’s going to be forever. For that kind of person, this opportunity is extremely good.

Who is the kind of people who can benefit from this Covid opportunity? There are three types of people.

First Type of People

The first type of person is somebody who’s a corporate professional. They’ve made their gains.

Second Type of People

The second type of person is certified or qualified professionals like doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants etc. You are lost in an ocean of other doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants because India is a mass producer of certified professionals. You don’t feel so happy anymore. Why? Because you are like that mutual fund. The opportunity is small, but the oversupply of this qualified professional class of people is just way too high in India; 10 times as many as required. Maybe you don’t feel so special. Maybe you want a little more control.

Third Type of People

The third class of people is the small business owners who are sick and tired of every political, social, disease-related, and kind of slowdown, whether financial or political or social or disease, or whatever. Anything that happens in the country, it’s your business on the line every time. You are the first one to go offline. Your cash flow is the first to stop. You are getting sick and tired of that game. Now you’re looking for something new.

For these people, this Covid is turning out to be a major money-spinner because you have already proved you’re successful in your real life; you just need a new vehicle. But let me warn you, in order to utilize this vehicle is a lot of self-molding and self-submission that’s going to happen. So, let me warn you upfront.

There are going to be two types of people from the Covid opportunity.

Type 1

The first ones are type 1. They are the people who are probably going to take some advantage of it, and they’re going to say that this opportunity is good. It’s made me some money to help me pivot. They’re also going to learn, mold, and submit and train themselves how to behave in the future because 77% of the skills you’ve learned in school and college will be obsolete in the next eight to ten years. So you want to future-proof yourself.

This is an ongoing process. You’re going to get into a process of learning and molding and submitting and changing and improving. In the next eight to ten years, they’re going to totally kill it in the marketplace. There will be one quantum growth—the kind of growth not seen before.

Type 2

And then there are type 2 people. 8 to 10 years later, they’ll be telling the kids and grandkids that, hey, there was such a slowdown. People were locked in the house for three months, and the pollution really cleared up, and birds were tweeting in the sky. Those will be the kind of stories.

Then there will be the capitalists, the people who want action, and the people who are willing to pay the price; that’s type 1. These are the people who will go for long-term gains and domination. Then there’s going to be type 2. These are the people who are going to go for the short-term gains. So type 1 is the go-getters. Type 2 are the kind of people who witnessed and did nothing.

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