India’s Fastest Growing Business Education Community – Startup Frat

India’s Fastest Growing Business Education Community - Startup Frat

Hello there and welcome. This is Rajat from Startup Frat and to all the Hangout members I just wanted to congratulate all of you guys and also congratulate me for us having completed this journey over how many months. But we have done 15000 plus community members. So, welcome welcome welcome congratulation, and from my site, thank you very much for being a part of this journey. And your valuable comment suggestions and interaction, that’s what makes it lovely lively and keeps me engaged, enthusiastic, motivated to keep giving you solid value information.

So, thank you, and quickly come I think we started this discussion on April 28 and the funny thing is May, June, July, August, September, October, and November in exactly 7 months on November of 28th which is seven months. We gonna about 15,000 people, It’s one of the fastest-growing communities in business education at least in India. I don’t know about the world I want the fastest growing community on business education. In order to commemorate the 15000 marks, I have super special training for you as usual.

So, I’d just like to kind of go back and talk to you about this training. What it is? and Why I am doing it this way? So, this training is going to be a little more basic but even if you guys are a little advanced you know in sales and marketing, and entrepreneurship I am sure you will get a lot of value from this. So, this goes very deep into the heart of the matter and I’m gonna give you a couple of tips and tricks that will help provide some clarity around your sales and marketing.

Also, I have made this training very basic because I’ve been getting a lot of different-different questions I get and I always read these questions whether they come in through message, or they come through email. I read them myself all the responses you get are actually me. Giving you the responsible personally. There is nobody in my team who is actually responding to that stuff. It’s me personally, if you get an email back from me, that’s me writing to you directly.

If you get a message back from me that’s me writing to you directly. But sometimes, you know I get messages and I have been recently getting many messages with say hey, how can I do this in an easier fashion? how can I do this? You know some stuff I can do for free which is cool but I want to do it easy, I wanna do it more you know I am only interested in the money and not in the process. You know some that’s more or less the just of it and I’d just like to clarify maybe there is some confusion, there is no easy way too difficult results.

There is No Easy Way to Long-lasting Success

First of all there are definitely simpler and smarter ways but overall, the process by itself is not easy for anyone. Otherwise, everybody would be Jeff Bezos or somebody. The second thing is that we believe in a certain type of entrepreneurship and that is passion-driven. So, it’s easy passion-driven and I’ll get back to my story passion-driven. Do something that you have your heart in and that excites you even if the money was not there. Because in any kind of entrepreneurship you will have to spend a lot of effort and maybe money.

Even if the income is not there you have to do it for a long period of time and even if you become a very successful business person the ups and downs will keep going on because that is the structure of entrepreneurship. That is the difference between entrepreneurship and a job. Why do I call it entrepreneurship? It’s different from a small business, different from a business. Why do many businesses in India have this supply-based economy model? What is the supply-based economy model? I supply let us say gear parts to 1 buyer who is Tata Motors or Bajaj or whatever.

Whenever they give me an order right, put up the machines, put up the labor boom-boom, I produce the thing it goes out and 60 days later than pay me or whatever. If you have one customer who basically asks you to do stuff for them and then that forms 80% + of your business you are essentially in a job. It’s not entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is you know creating newer things for people and going out and you know selling it over there or finding new needs in the market and creating just in time to supply them.

So, a lot of businesspeople in India and in general the structure of business in India was more supply-driven. This is people need staff, you provide it to them, you get paid and that’s all you do throughout your life. Just sit on the counter, collect the cash and keep doing that. So, in the new market, that stuff is going to go down over a period of time because we are glutted with all kinds of over-supplied on every front.

So, the smartness is going to come in innovation the smartness is going to come in how you are able to hold your customer base to you and you know probably get ahead of the competition and things like that. So, passion-driven. What is the importance of passion-driven? If you don’t have your passion for it if you doing it for the money in the new model. It will be very difficult because a lot of innovation is supposed to be going into it before you actually hit the bot of gold.

So, if you do it only for the money you will not survive. And if you hear my own story I am I made it, you know I did my medical degree from India’s number 2 rank medical college. I was very hard for it and later I realized my passion was not in it. I was good at it, I got the results, I got the gold medals, I got the degree, I got a good medical seat and then a degree from India’s number 2 rank medical college. But my passion did not lie there and then I realize that is a very dangerous situation because in that industry if your passion doesn’t like there I used to get feedback from my seniors and all men are really not interested one day you will end up killing somebody.

One day your lack of interest and lack of commitment is gonna cost somebody your life and that scared me a lot. I said don’t wanna be casual about this because my interest is not in it. And then if you make some mistake, somebody will lose their life. Of course, as a junior doctor, somebody’s life is not in your hands directly but over a period of time, it will be. So, I choose to quit and I chose to do something that was very used to causing me a lot of curiosity in my mind. Curiosity was they gave me all of the education and much of it I have to qualify for by giving all India exams and all of that I did all of that.

But in my 23 years of education or 23 years of life, 24 years of life on this planet not once that they teach me how to get the patient. You know how to get the people to come to you and pay you. And in the old days if you had a great degree people would come to you because of the under-supplied market. But in late 2000 it’s an over-supplied market. This means everybody has a choice as to who they can hire, who they can go to, etc. Even in the medical industry, you have a choice of doctors and all kinds of information.

Today patients are more informed than the doctors. That’s why they are constantly asking them cross-questioning and all. So, I said I need to learn this process. Somebody told me that is the process you need to learn and you know once you learn it you can actually be profession free. This means once you learn the process of getting customers you can get it for any amount of people. And then over a period of time I have been able to get customers for home loan companies, credit card companies, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, for travel agencies.

You know once you learn the process you can replicate it in different streams. Having said that It’s great for me to say that this is my passion. But whatever business it is that you are driving if you are not passionate about it, then my tips and tricks will not work in your business. I may have helped travel agencies but my tips and tricks will not help you if your passion does not lie there because today every business is unique. There is a lot of personality type that is going into all these businesses. Just to give you the example of Ratan Tata, he had his passion project which is Tata Nano he says what is the message to the world we are Patriots we are Industrialist, we are in the business of building India.


One of the things he said was a lot of Indian people can not afford a car because cars are too expensive. So I want to make a cheap car that everybody can afford. He did end up making that car but the customer didn’t buy it. So, what he did do, did he kill the project? No, he still running the project. It’s running at a loss. In fact, the CEO Mistry who try to kill the project was fired by Tata, and Ratan Tata still doing that project. Why because you know his passion is in it. And that is why the Tatas are the Tatas.

Would you agree with me? That I said that many of you even if you end up buying any Tata product, if it could be the nano great, even otherwise you would like to buy a lot of Tata product simply because of that one commitment of there’s that. You know we want to build India, even if it is at a loss we will do this project. So having said that let’s come to the lesson. I’ll give you the lessons, but if you are not a passion-driven business they will not work for you so this is not a tips and tricks shop. So, just be clear about that.

There is no real success, long-lasting success without the time and the money put into it. So, how do you sell? The first thing you need to have is a message. What is a message? The first thing you need to do is have a message. And a message is very simple. All of the money that you want is your revenue, your profit, whatever it is that you do business for. You know you do business at the end for revenue or profit. All the money that you want is in somebody else’s pocket. There is only one way to get money which is from other people. The only source of money is other people.

So, whoever does any kind of business, professional job, whatever money is transferred from somebody’s pocket to your pocket and that’s how you make money, that you make a salary, the so you make fees, commission whatever it is. All of the money that you want is in somebody else’s pocket the major social media influencer Grand Cardon says, who’s got my money you are figure out who got your money. Who is the person? and who is gonna be my customer?

Now before they give you their money, they need a good reason for that. They need a good reason to give you, their money. What is the reason they will give you, their money? ok, you will give them something in return. They will give you their money. And what is the thing that you can give them? You can give them which is helpful. They need help in some area or the other. If you are selling to another company which is called B2B business which means you are business, you selling to another business. They need help in some area, you will help them in that area they will give you the money.

You are selling to the individuals, who need help in certain areas and they will give you the money. So, help has to be given. The help can take many forms which are product, service, consulting, whatever it is. So, people will pay you for advice or people will pay you for your services, or people will pay you for products. 3 things. Now what you need to do is you need to have enough people know this message. What is it? Whom do I help? and How do I help? Or what result do I help them to achieve? So, this message saying if you are so and so and you have this problem, I can help you this is a message. Barebone and simple.

If you are so and so or if you have this problem I can help you. If you have this problem I can help you. This message has to go out and if it goes out to enough people some of those people will reach out to you and say well you know this is the help that I want you to know I am willing to pay for it. There is a process involved in it but right now I just want to keep it very simple. Even if you are at an advanced level I want you to understand this. Even if you cut all the different information and crowding in clouding away from your mind and you focus on this one message which is if you have this problem I can help.

You only write this message and bring it in front of enough people who are likely to have that problem you will get customers that is it. At the end of the day, you will get customers. Now how well you serve them will determine if these customers keep coming back to you, keep paying you, keep referring you to other people, etc. And it becomes a lifelong thing or not. So, if you have this problem, I can help this is the one thing. This is the one message. Now how does this message go out to the market? Only two ways, people at work and money at work.

So, if you have a salesperson or if you are a salesperson you pick up the phone and call enough people, you know a certain number of people are likely to say ok have this problem I would like some help. Money at work, you can pay somebody to get this thing across and they will find the people who have this problem at which point you can engage with them. So, people at work and money at work or what you can also do is you can do a combination. Like I to do a combination.

Instead of me calling 2000 people and saying you have this problem. I actually multiply my effort. First of all people at work, I stand in front of the car camera and I say if you need help with your sales and marketing if you did Facebook ads and this still not working for you chances are there something wrong and you need to understand the process of sales and marketing and I can help you to do that. That is my message. I record that thing and then what I do is load it up money pay somebody like let’s say Facebook that message goes out.

Grow your business with Facebook Ads

So, I use a combination of man and material, people and money I loaded up on the thing. The video goes out and Facebook finds people who may be interested. In our corporate business, in my corporate business what I do is I have people at work which means I have employees who make hundred plus phone calls the day you know to people who likely to have a problem with corporations, and companies.

So, people at work and money at work I have to pay them. They not gonna work for free. So, people at work money at work or a combination of the two. This message goes out and it says very simply if you have this problem I can help. Now there are many different ways in which you can do it. Now, when you start doing this OK it is likely that you will face a dry patch at first and then slowly some success will result and then there will be a few more dry patches of successful results, etc.

Now there are of course tips tricks and techniques that you can use to supercharge this process so it becomes a little more efficient. So you build something called learning. You learn from the people who do it a little more successfully than you and the next thing is called tools. Learning and tools.

So, If you know something that other people don’t know or other people know and you don’t know then you can supercharge your success by getting results slightly fasters likely better than you would otherwise, and then there is a thing called tools like Facebook by itself is a tool but I use another tool which is like an email marketing tool. This means somebody shows some interest then I say hey man click over here, put in your email, and we will send you some information. That information will make you figure out, and will help you figure out whether we are the right fit for you or not.

Then once they get 2 pieces of information, they say ok, this is good. They click a couple of links; the lead comes in over here and either I call them or my guy calls them and done. That is how business is done. Even for the community members over here in the personal community that we have in the hangout. If you come by filling out a form or something like that you will have a confirmation email saying your confirmation is required. If you hit that link with me the figure was approved, we will send you some information via email which could help you understand.

If you would be interested in some of our more premium academic programs and things like that ok. Otherwise, all of the advice and training given in this forum are free. So we use learning, which means that I read you know buy programs I learned from some of the top guys if they have a seminar speech or something. If I have to pay 2000, 5000 rupees to go get a ticket and seat in that room then I will do that. I will absolutely do that. I have been doing that even before I became a sales and marketing guy, even before I became an entrepreneur.

Because I realized that you need to learn what happen in the market latest. All of the education that they give you in school and college is like hundred years old. It’s not gonna make you any money. So, learning tools this is the model. Now, a lot of people say I don’t have any money. A lot of people in the hangout send me messages saying I don’t have any money. If you don’t have any money I will give you a simple formula you have to spend 70 hours a week in your business at a minimum.

Now, you have the money. If you don’t have money, you will not even be able to hire anyone so you got to spend this time yourself 70 hours a week in a business minimum. When I started out the very first time I would either spend this time on my own business or I would spend time on somebody else business without working at a job and from the money I earned I would spend some money and some time on my own business that’s how I grew my own business side by side.

70 hours a week is the gold in the figure. If you have no money then you got to spend this kind of time. You can find all the free education and the free information on YouTube piece it to carry yourself, and over a period of ranging from 2500 to 10000 hours, you will become a master at your game. 10000 is the golden figure which is approximately 4 years’ time. But even if you do it for the year 2500 hours, you will become a master of the game. 70 hours a week into 50 weeks of the year is about 3,500 hours. You will be pretty good at your game. So, 70 hours a week that’s the golden number.

If you don’t have 70 hours a week, if you can spend 70 hours a week in your business then let us say I can do only 55 hours or I can do only 40 hours then you gotta put some money in your marketing and sales. Even product development, product research, learning. All this stuff will come in. How much money are we talking about? Let us say 15000 rupees a month at the max. Well, I don’t have 15000 rupees a month or I don’t have 70. At a minimum of 25 hours plus 8000 rupees a month. I am just putting these figures depending on you know much we helping individual clients in the academy programs.

So, individual people who are working, who don’t have much money with still building their business. They do put in 25+ hours and a minimum of 8000 rupees. That is the bare minimum combination. I am now gonna put any money, any time whatsoever but I willing to put 50000 rupees a month, you will not be able to do the business.

Because all of these are passion-driven businesses. They are not hands of Business and none of this is passive income none of this is residual income and all that like. Somebody had sent me a question. You know I have a car wash business. How do I make it the best? You are not solving anyone’s problem with the car wash people don’t have a car wash problem. For 600 rupees or 400 rupees, some guy comes in the morning washes their car for them. Nobody wants to drive to a car wash. This is not America.

So, people don’t like it because if they go to the car wash, they spend time, they spend money for something that the value is very very you know it’s not clear. Similarly, the laundromat, I want to get into the laundromat business which is not a problem that exists in India. For 2000 rupees you can get somebody to come in the morning and wash your thing for you and you can rent a washing machine so they do it in the washing machine if you want. It’s not a problem that Indian people have.

How do you make it valuable to the person? So, they want your help. So, I did a video on that earlier. How do you use a business like a car wash which is like a very very commodities business that people don’t even need? How do you make it attractive so that people say hey man I want this? So I have a video you can learn from that. So these are not the kind of business where you know it’s like I have set it up. It will pay me residual passive income and I am all set. That’s not the kind of business that’s going on.

If you don’t have a minimum of 25 hours don’t do business, if you don’t have a minimum of 8 grand, spend 70 hours you will learn. So that is a combination. Now, I want to tell you a little story, back during the lockdown I started getting emails from individuals. I only used to support corporate. I am a corporate consultant for sales and marketing. I started getting a lot of emails from individual people saying our jobs are getting hit, practice is getting hit this that and others and I am not very happy over here. What can I do? How can you help me? So, when I start getting these emails, I said let me start figuring out how to start helping these people.

Facebook leads forever

So, I created a program that is very close to my heart called Facebook leads forever. Where I was teaching these individuals how to get business from Facebook without paying any money? You know because they had a lot of time during the lockdown, I said you need to spend 70 hours a week doing this stuff and you will get business from Facebook. Now, this is a nonspammy, non-scam type of getting business from Facebook.

You see a lot of people, they join a bunch of groups, the first post that put in there is hey man we do so and so WhatsApp me for further detail DM me for the detail hit this link whatever. Don’t join a group and start putting on those posts. Because, if at some point Facebook will ban you and it’s just cheap. So, don’t be cheap on your road to greatness that is not the way to get free business on Facebook.

If you see in the startup frat Hangout you know you don’t see a lot of public posts you know why because 85 90% of the post that people put are this kind of hay by the way I thank you for joining the community. We to Carpet cleaning this is our weblink you know anybody who is interested in. This is not a business directory. So don’t spam and scam your way that is not the way but there is a way to get business from Facebook. If you’re willing to work harder, there is a way to get business from Facebook.

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