The #1 Secret to MLM Success

I bet you would like to know the secrets to MLM success, don’t you?

In today’s time, there is absolutely nobody who has not been exposed to a Network Marketing Opportunity – either as a potential customer or as a potential partner.

And I bet that there’s NOBODY with ambition, who has not wondered how some people become successful Network Marketers while the majority remain average or even fail to get off the ground.

The Main Pitfall

Since a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business allows you to act as Master Affiliate of your own business and sign up sub-Affiliates (or your Downlines), it behooves you to typically start with an initial list of your own immediate circle – relatives, friends, acquaintances to prospect as customers or partners.

However, the majority of MLM marketers stop there!

Once the list finishes (and everyone has possibly said NO), it’s Game Over for them.

That’s what makes the difference between the Winners and the Losers.

The #1 Secret to MLM Success


Write that down. Memorize it. Repeat it to yourself on the way to work every day.

“My Network is my Net Worth”

Once you do that enough number of times, it will, in all probability dawn upon you that the size of your personal circle is not enough to accommodate all of your ambitions.

MLM success is directly proportional to the s

And hence, you need to EXPAND your network.

And this network expansion needs to happen at a speed that is 20x as fast as it has grown till now.

Come to think of it, in all the years you’ve been on the planet, you have less than 500 people you can call RIGHT NOW and invite to your house to see a business plan.

(I’m joking – most MLMers start with way less than that – maybe 100-200 if at all)

And if you want to be driving that dream car, or paying off that dream house, or have your spouse quit their job to stay at home full time, you would probably need 20x that list size to accommodate your dreams.

How to Grow Your Network

  • Get back in touch with old networks – Pull out your old school and college yearbooks and get back in touch with old buddies
  • Be an avid prospect – This is by far the easiest of the lot. Meet all the insurance salesmen you can get your hands on, go test drive that dream car (and take down all the salespeople’s phone numbers), go to Real Estate open-house events, especially in neighborhoods that you want to move to, once you make your first million dollars from your MLM business
  • Be an avid hobbyist – Get a life. Take a free class. Build a hobby. Learn a language. Join the gym. Anything but stay in the house. Even if it is once or twice a week (let’s say for a language class), make sure you spend that time meeting new people.

Yes – being rich is a lifestyle change, in case you didn’t hear it from me before. The wealthy are all about meeting new people and exploring new ideas.

  • Volunteer – Whether it’s for your church or your community, help out. Notch up those karma points and build your network in the bargain.
  • Be an involved parent – Get involved with your kids’ PTA or sporting groups. If your kids don’t play sports or music, get THEM to spend time outta the house first. Video games are not good for anyone’s health anyway
  • Be an involved customer – Interact with the people you buy stuff from, even if it’s the McDonalds. Compliment the staff on their hard work or the quality of their product (which obviously comes from them). And if they ask what you do, hand them your MLM Business card

As I already mentioned in my previous post, most Network Marketing companies provide support and training so they will help you with some of these things in detail.

How to Become More Like-able

  • Smile – Become an ‘Always-Smiling’ personality even if you did not start out that way. Learn to be smiling even when your day is not going okay. Not only does it have a gazillion health benefits, a smile is a universal sign that says “it is safe to talk to me”.
  • Eye Contact – Learn to make eye contact with everyone. This shows you are confident and trustworthy
  • Become a Great Listener – This helps in finding common ground on which to grow the relationship.

Demonstrate to the speaker that you are listening intently – a) Give spoken feedback, like a clarifying question or affirmative agreement b) Give physical feedback like nodding your head or shrugging your shoulder

  • Ask Open-Ended Questions – Ask questions that start with What, Where, When, Why, How. These lead to longer discussions, and more scope for finding common ground
  • Say Their Name to Them – Use your new friend’s name in the conversation as much as you can, it is the sweetest sound in the world to them.

Housekeeping Item: When dealing with the opposite sex in an initial interaction, just make sure to dissolve any potential misunderstandings upfront. You could do that by casually mentioning your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife as appropriate in order to anchor the context of the interaction properly.

How to Outperform Using Technology

As a booster strategy, you can throw in Social Media into this to supercharge your success.

Watch out for my next post!

Till then, get out of your house and get friendly. ‘

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