What is the Price for Success?

What is the Price for Success

Hi there, Rajat here from Startup Frat. Today we’re gonna talk about is the price of success. First of all, thank you very much for the people who have been sending in questions comments. via the comments column and via emails to me. Saying, hey man congratulation to Ritu’s export collection, Ritus business, etc. Well, she has been doing classes for a while now. We just thought that on the occasion of the release of the export collection would be like the best time to showcase a story and struggles and all of that. But thank you for your comments and for the people who want to know hey what all went behind like the mechanics and all of this. You know how she was able to make the change etc.

I just want to share this information with all of you. For the people who have been asking him what does it take. I want to see you, you know I want to see the journey. So, why I can mentally adjust to it. I don’t want any surprises so you know I don’t wanna lose the team halfway through the journey. So, you know since you’ve seen the journey and would you be able to tell me what the journey is like. As usual, I am gonna just tell you through the means of a story, If that is ok with you. So, what’s the story, I went to a shopping mall once and I was shopping for some essentials and everything you know stuff that you need to run your daily households like groceries and things like that. And I just found a couple of things that I really really like, let us call them item – A, item – B and then item – A price was not written, they had the barcode things sometimes they don’t have the price on it. You got to get all the way to the IL to find out the price on it. And then the item is you know the price was written. I think he was a box of like this we have these new Havmor chocolate cake ice cream it’s like cake and they got ice cream over it and got chocolate nudges and all. It’s really nice item.

So, this thing was like 499 or something like somewhere in that range, and the other thing I forget what it was. But it didn’t have the price written on it. And then basically I got in line I thought this other thing. I think this other thing was also like some sweet biscuits. I love a sweet man. I just absolutely love sweet. So, I thought this must be in the price same price range 400-500 bucks. I got both of these in my cart had some household essentials and all of that and then I went to pay for it and there was a long line so I was like you know how to get in line? I hate getting in line. So, I have to wait in line for a while and you know it took longer I thought maybe it’s gonna take 20 min and you know it took like 30 – 32 minutes. And by the time my chance came to pay for the stuff in my cart. I realized 2 things. Item – A is more like 1200 bucks way more expensive than I had imagined and another item – B is for of course 499 bucks. but then I realize man you know I want the item – A and then you know I said this Item – B means Ice Cream Sandwich is not really something that you know that I want to have right now. Because like too loaded with sugar is too rich and you know I am gonna get a scolding from my wife and I get home. So, I decided not to take item – B.

I did have to decide as at ok I am will take this item – A and that take the Danish and then I unite to go to the side of Danish pay 1200 bucks for it now went home. Now, why I am telling you this story? Life my friend is like a trip to the shopping mall. Everything you want is available everything you need is available and sometimes you see things that you think didn’t think you need are you want and there are also available. Everything is available in a shopping mall. What do you have to do in order to get them? There are things that you need on a daily basis you know what the cost you pay the price for them your move out, life is good there is no problem.

Sometimes you see things that you like that you haven’t seen before. You put them in your cart and you go to the checkout counter and it takes longer than you expected to show up on the other side. Lake takes longer than you expected to show up on the other side. Now you have two choices. What you can do is, leave the cart over there and leave the shopping mall in half which I do sometimes, you know I hate still standing in line at the shopping mall also something I just leave it and I walk off. So, you got us you can stand in line and you got await your turn and then when you reach the cash counter you gotta be ready to pay the price. you gotta willing to sell the price out again sometimes the price is not written on the label. You just gotta stand in line, wait your turn and sometimes it takes longer than expected and sometimes the price is higher than expected and then if you bide your time, you know to wait your turn and the pay the full price you show up on the other side and you will have whatever it is that you wanted. But then again, the price to be paid is very simple.


Somebody said, hey what’s the price to be paid I would like to know right now. I will tell you now for sure. You have to bide your time, You got a stand-in line which is patience and the third is the price has to be paid. The price again is paid in time which means you didn’t have to bide your time it is paid in focus. Because these days you can achieve whatever you want the difference between you and the first generation billionaires of today that we are lucky to be sharing the planet with because we can see the stories we can see the people we can see them on YouTube every day.

People like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos people like this on YouTube literally every day. You can learn from them you can see it happening in front of your eyes you can see the greatness being born and established in front of your eyes. With people that you didn’t know yesterday and boom 8 years 10 years you know the world’s richest people in all that right. So, time focus on the difference between them and us the difference between people watching billionaire status at a speed of 10 years 20 years whatever. Ask we have been on the planet for 20 years plus, the difference between them and us is the focus. And the third thing definitely is effort. All of us are doing the same effort. I pretty much can bet I worked harder than Bill Gates man.

I am putting on 12 to 14 hours a day. I can bet you know. Maybe he works a little harder than me, I don’t know. All of us have 24 hours in a day. It’s a question of what we do with it? They are putting it in efforts, in a focus passion towards their goal. The only difference between billionaires and us is line longer with the same resolve than we do sometimes we get in half. We drop the cart and say ok I don’t want this I am heading out. Sometimes we reach the cash counter and we find the price to be paid is higher than what we expected. There is a choice at that time, you can drop the thing or you can still choose to pay the higher price. You got abide your time, you got a wait in line. When you reach the cash counter the price has to be paid in full and sometimes the price is not written on the label.

So, that was my short and sweet lesson on some of your questions. I would definitely love to answer in a lot greater detail.

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