What Your Guru Never Talks About, Could be Killing Your Online Business

Okay, so let’s say you’re ranging somewhere between ‘Curious’ to ‘Attracted’ to the idea of setting up an Online Business.

Maybe you’ve done some homework on niche selection and have a fair idea of where you would like to wet your feet. And you’ve also found some leaders or Gurus to help you along the way.

So you start with all the paraphernalia of getting a domain, buying a Hosting package, maybe you spent a week learning WordPress, and another few weeks understanding SEO (yea – that stuff is complicated). Maybe the Guru helps you all along the way, also recommending their affiliate links to you here and there, helping you get the odd dollar discounts on hosting and such.

And then you try going out to the market in order to monetize your offer or blog…


No money…

You don’t even know where to start…or what to do…

The Guru gives you hazy, nebulous ideas of going to Facebook or paying for Google Ads – more money down the drain.

After a few months of losing money instead of minting it, you start to lose concentration, your consistency flags and very soon you call it off altogether…

What Happened ??


Well, just like in real-world Business, you missed a hugely critical component in your Online Business as well – Sales strategy comes before Product strategy. And since I don’t think in big, complicated terms any more than you do – to put it simply – How, and ‘to Whom’ you will sell comes before ‘What’ you intend to sell.

And since in the Online World, More Traffic and More Leads equate to More Sales – your Traffic Strategy is equally or rather more important than all the other stuff.

The #1 Struggle Online Business Owners Face Today…

I probably don’t need to tell you that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

No traffic, no leads.

No leads, no sales.

No sales, no business.

Unfortunately, that is the part that your Online Marketing Guru is rather unclear about – mainly for 2 reasons:

1) They themselves don’t know or rather are unclear about online traffic or sales conversions – let’s face it – if they did, they would not be selling their Coaching or Training modules but would rather be building their own Affiliate Marketing business.

(Note: I personally use and promote LeadBling, and that is my primary business. All the coaching stuff on my blog is free, and will be forever)

2) They are already successful in their Affiliate Marketing business but are not willing to share their innermost secrets on where they get their own traffic and sales

To be clear – I am not against following a Guru, nor am I trying to malign the person who may have helped you in your Online journey till now.

But if you’re like me, you’ve probably realized by now that the money is not in the blog-building or signing up for the latest cool Online offer – and that there seems to be a key component missing… whatever you sign up for, or buy – does not help you make money for some reason, all the while the other people out there appear to be doing alright.

And the answer is – Traffic.

Now, to be fair – it is extremely difficult, and painstaking, to build traffic for your blog or online business, and most of it has to be done by you – in a step-by-step, consistent fashion.

There is no magic wand, and no amount of coaching or mentoring can replace the hard-earned effort you need to put in for setting up your own steady stream of interested, qualified buyers.

But as long as you understand that your Traffic is the most important part of your Online Business, it will save you a lot of heartache and confusion in the long term.

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