10 Generations Of Management And Business Training

What’s the game? The game is, the secret of succeeding in a down market is to own your own business. That is the only thing that gives you control. None of the stock trading or mutual funds, none of the stuff gives you any control. They are going to take your money, and you’re going to get screwed. The real estate doesn’t work; it’s all dead, it’s all down. If you’re a corporate professional, you thought you were a hotshot director or a vice president. Things are changing now. So, if you’re feeling the risk, if you’re feeling the pain and the heat, then you’re at the right place.

How do I know that?

You’re feeling the heat because I employ the world’s cheapest employee, which is called algorithms. I send out my content to the internet and based on how people interact with that content. I come to know what’s happening in the market. I’ll teach you all of that, and then what I’m going to bring you is learning from 2025 years back where this gentleman called Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad.

It was the best business book I ever read and had a great impact on me. When I read his book, I was in Medical College, and then I decided about my financial future. What I want to do is I want to do my own business or start my own startup. And the first chapter in that book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, is “mind your own business.” The secret to financial success is “mind your own business.” There is nothing else that works and especially in downtime. It’s the best time to get started in your own business.

To tell you my own story, I changed my profession from the Hospital job to sales and marketing in the post 2001 slow down after 9/11 happened. And after that, the whole slowdown happened. And that was the time I changed my career, and it turned out to be a very lucrative move. In the post-2008 housing market crash when the whole world’s economy was in the doldrums, I actually had a business that got wiped out. Then I got a mentor who told me to never do business with only one product line.

I worked with him on setting up a startup with four product lines, which later got sold in Silicon Valley for close to 500 crore rupees. That whole thing was built in the post-2008 market crash. It was a very lucrative time for smart people to get rich. Such a time is today.

Top Myths

The next one is the top myth. If you’re a corporate professional who is like some corporate honcho, and you’re sick and tired of your job, or if you are an independent professional like a doctor, lawyer, accountant, architect, who’s sick and tired of being lost in a sea of other such doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc., then this is for you.

The third person is if you’re a small business owner, who’s constantly getting hurt by the ups and downs in the market, whether GST, demonetization, coronavirus, and you want to add some predictability, some control over your financial life, this is for you.

The fourth part is, if you’re just learning about things and you want to take the best possible decision for your financial future, you’re at the right place.

Now, what are the top incorrect things that people assume about a business that is not true? People think I can’t do business because I need a lot of money to start a business. Not true. People think you need a whole lot of connections to be successful in the market. That’s not true at all. You need a big office, you need business experience, and you need a production house, export house, not true. You need to hire a lot of workforce. All of those Indian people can’t think outside work. So if these were the things that have been stopping you from doing something for your own self and playing the big game in the big leagues with big men and women, then I have some good news for you. All of this stuff is not true. Come out of your shell and think strategically.

Understanding of Business Metrics

How does the whole game work? What you need is an understanding of business and how the game is played. If you had all of these other things, you probably didn’t know how the game is played and what’s going on. If you have been into business and haven’t got the results you wanted, you probably missed something. You were missing an important piece of information, and I’m going to complete that piece of information for you. Just to give you some perspective, I have tried to bring my business online for the last five to seven years. I had been unsuccessful, but last year in February, I heard someone who gave me two or three tips. It seemed to me that whatever I had been missing in life, these tips basically filled that piece of the puzzle.

So today I’m going to give you some information. This information is worth 39,999 rupees. I am selling this information to my competition and other consultants for 39,999 rupees. I’m going to give you this information for Free. I’m going to ask you to make a decision. If you think that this information is the lost key to the financial puzzle, then I’m going to ask you to take a red pill or a blue pill.

Five Steps in Business Metrics


What you need is an understanding of business metrics. Business is very simple. What is the cost that goes into my business to produce my product? Whether you produce it yourself, or you pay somebody else to produce, it doesn’t matter. Some money’s going in to get a product on the table, which should be ideally as low as possible.


The second thing is revenue, which is what you sell for a particular price point, and that is the money out. It should be as high as possible. In the middle is what you call profit. Obviously, it should be as high as possible.


The third thing is the competition. Who is the person that can replace you in doing this in the market, which would be ideally nobody. But if you have other people there in the market, they can probably do this thing. If it is a little better than you, you will be out of the market in no time.

Customer life cycle

Fourth is the customer life cycle, which is, once a customer comes to me, how long do they stay with me? And how many products do they buy from me? Which would be ideally unlimited.


Fifth is the risk. Is my business going to go down in case of a disease like COVID? Is my business going to go down in the case of politics? If the wrong government comes and change the laws. In case of war, is my business going to go down? In case of recession, is my business going to go down? In case of inflation, is my business going to go down? Is my profit margin going to get shrunk?

If any of these things impact your business or your profession, then you need different information. I’m going to give you all of this information for free.


What is monetization? It is multiple levels of income from the same customer. How does it work in the real world?

You first start by establishing a presence in the world on the planet. You start by giving people something for free that helps build trust. Then you let them buy something very low risk that is throwing money for them and help them to do business with you. Then they want to buy your main product. And then, after they leave, they want to pick up a little something extra from you.

That’s called free money by placement unless the same customer pays you in three or four different ways. You’re wasting your time trying to get one customer. You do business once, and then they disappear forever and are of no use.

If you’re in the services business and say, well, my customer pays me every month. You’re wrong. You are wasting your entire life servicing the customers. It’s not free money. Read what is written above, free money by placement.

The Solution

All of this information that I’ve given you till now, what is it that you’re missing? What is it that you may see? What is the difference between this stuff and what you’re doing till now? What is the difference? What is the solution? The solution is wisdom, which means knowledge. Wisdom means understanding. King Selman, the wisest and richest man who ever lived, says wisdom is a principal thing. Therefore, get wisdom, get knowledge and get understanding. Invest in your learning and figure out what’s going on if you want to get ahead in the game.

I just want you to think to yourself if there’s something that you’ve been missing and would you like this information that will add value to you and get to the next level. Also, think to yourself if you find out that all that lies between where you are and where you want to be is information. What if you could get that information today? Would you really act on it? Are you afraid of failure, or are you afraid of success? That’s what you got to ask yourself.

3 Steps to Plan your Startup Journey

Ask yourself, are you a dissatisfied person? In your current business practice, your profession, your job or whatever, you are constantly left like this? Or do you want to be this person who’s dissatisfied? What is the difference? The difference is what we call the Lean Startup. I have a formula for you that I’m going to outline, and as I said, this game is meant for action takers. Today, I will remove all of the excuses you had for not doing something bigger and better.

So what is the solution? The solution is there are only three steps between where you are and where you want to go. And we call those Lean Startup.

  1. The Message
  2. Outreach
  3. Back office

The first step in that startup is called your message. You should have a message for your market or your potential customer, and that message consists of only four parts. What problem do you solve? Who do you solve it for? How well do you solve it? And what makes you special? For example, in my business, my message to you is I solve the problem of people who want to be somebody else, but they have been constrained. That comes to my own story when I was trying to figure out whether I would still want to stay with my Hospital job or do something different. Somebody was a key figure, a very eminent figure. Somebody was respected. I personally respect a person of authority who told me that if you do not stick with your profession, you’ll never be anyone in life. I proved them wrong, and not only did I prove them wrong, but I also helped many other people prove their detractors wrong, too. So my message to you is that you can be anyone that you want to be.

Who do you solve it for? Who is your ideal customer? Reduce the problem you want to solve. Don’t start with their product. I don’t care what your product is. I don’t care what your business house is. If you want to be rich, if you want to be ahead of the game, you want to be at the next level, you’re going to start with the problem. The product comes later. I’ll show you that your product is not even important. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. If you are an independent professional like a doctor, you say, this is all I know how to do. That’s fine. I’ll solve that problem as well. The consultation you do for the patients and all MCI registration, that’s a small part of the puzzle. There is a huge industry outside it. That does not involve you, and you can have a footprint throughout that industry.

Who do you solve it for? I solve this problem for people who are independent professionals, small business owners and wannabe entrepreneurs. Whose problem are you solving? How are you solving it? How well do you solve that problem? So your message is the most important thing in your whole game. If you get this thing, none of the other stuff matters.

You can be whoever you want to be and whatever the hell was stopping you. I’m going to remove all these objections, mindset problems, doubts, and confusions today. And the only thing that’s going to remain is your decision. So after today, I will remove the excuse that I could not succeed because of this, that or the other.

It doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m a rich person. But just so my students will not have a mind mental block saying because of this political situation, disease situation, war situation, economic situation, we could not succeed. That is no barrier to your success. That is my message to you. You need to have a message of yourself.

The second thing is, you need to figure out how to reach the market with your message.

The third thing is a back office, an actual product to sell service that you deliver so that it becomes easy for your customers to pay you for it.

At the end of the day, you’re doing it for money, and there has to be a medium for a customer to pay you for it. But by the time they decide to pay you for the product or service of your consultation, your presence in the market is just a minor issue. They just want to pay you for it. They just need to have a reason why. They will come to you with the credit card out in hand, and you will just need to provide them with a little reason why. This is the back office.

There’s something you call a marketplace. It has all the things you need under the sun. These companies applied into a marketplace for people like me to take up their deals and sell their products in return for 40% to 100% of the profit just if we can bring them a customer.

They say, keep 100% of the profits, sell my stuff for $2,000 and keep $1800 out of that. Sell my product for $5,000, keep $4500 out of that. Let me tell you about the full marketplace. There’s an option. It says “join program.” These people have applied to a marketplace, and they have been approved, and it’s a “join program.” I click this button (join program), and I become a promotional partner.

I’m trying to tell you that what you think is your whole business needs to be rethought in the new market. In places like these marketplaces, you’re merely a line item on somebody’s sheet.

Your product or your service is bought and sold in the marketplace like a line item. You think you’re special, not in the new market. You think any hotel is special for Airbnb for a clear trip. When a customer logs into clear to give some care, do you think they even look at the hotel’s name? No, they look at how much distance it is from the airport or the cost. What are the ratings? They don’t even care about the name of the hotel. What I’m trying to tell you here is that the farmer never gets rich. The people who have access to the marketplace, like BigBazaar, Bigbasket, or Reliance groceries, are the people who get rich, never the farmer.

So, don’t be formal and get into all these other levels. Get into the Outreach, figure out how to reach the market yourself and become a brand, and get your message out in the market so that you are the person who deals with the market. If you’re doing it at a small level, will you say I have a furniture store? I have my ten customers locally who know me, that’s cool, but you need to scale that up in a global level where you’re the person who’s doing this stuff. That’s where big money is.

There’s a very important person who unfortunately is not alive anymore. He passed away a few years ago. He’s supposed to be the greatest marketer of all time. His advice to business owners was, “Don’t ever be just another doctor, lawyer, architect, furniture maker, the carmaker, bicycle maker, or a service provider. Don’t ever be just another line item on somebody’s sheet. You have no control.”

If you think you sell on Amazon, you have no control. Your customer price control you. They negotiate with you based on the other guy that’s competing with you. It’s just basically a hellish situation. It’s not going to get you anywhere, and you’re going to get murdered in the recession. You’re going to lose all your money.

I intend to help you and expand your thinking. I get a lot of questions and emails, etc.; if I do this, how can I become successful? First, forget about this. There’s only one way you can become successful, and that’s called the five levels of influence. I was a little hard and little frank on you. If you’re still reading this blog. I thank you for your patience. And if you choose to not read this blog anymore, if you choose to not be in the community anymore. I will still love you. And later, if you want to come back and rejoin, I will still be here for you.

Levels of Influence

What makes you invincible is not the product of the service. What makes you invincible is understanding the market and increasing your influence level in the market step by step.

The first level is if you’re doing something for someone, probably producing a commoditized product that somebody buys, even if you’re selling it on Facebook or Amazon, then you’re in a commoditized product. If you’re doing something for someone where you constantly have to deal with the customer directly, and then they pay you for your time or if you’re working where you sell your time for money because that’s how salaries work, then you’re at the level one of influence which is called do it for you.

The level two influence is called do it with you, which means the customer does a little bit, and you do a little bit. People like agencies and SEO specialists and digital agencies etc., show up here.

The third level is called one-to-one coaching. Coaches,consultants, healers and all of those come under this level where they say, I will coach, I will teach you. I will do it for you, and then I will teach you to do it.

The next level is the group coaching industry. Gurus, motivational speakers are included here where they come on stage, and there are thousands of people in the audience. They’re able to impact them with their message. So they are at level 4

Level 5 is the most ultimate level. It is called the mini industrialists. So, going back to the example of the farmer, if you were the farmer who also brought their own product straight to the central marketplace, and you were the person who is the big Bazaar in the marketplace, which means you are the person selling it direct to the customer. You are the person who is dealing in the onion, etc. If you are doing all these four things, then you would own the ecosystem. You would control the demand, control the supply, and control everything that happens in between. That is the most ultimate level.

The level of income among these five segments is 10x. So when I was at the 1st level working for somebody to do it for you, I was in the 1 lac to 2 lac per year pay range. When I reached level 2, I was in the 10 lakh rupee per year pay range. When I reached level 3 and 4, I was in the 1 to 2 crore rupees per year pay range, and now I’m trying to build an ecosystem.

I have a gold card; it says that in December 2021, I will be earning between one crore rupees per month. That is my goal from this ecosystem-based business on total autopilot, helping 100,000 entrepreneurs reach their goals. So it says an income goal. It says a date and what module I’ll be using, which is total autopilot, and how I intend to reach there, helping 100,000 people reach their goals.

Where do you start

What do you need to do? If you want to do something like this for yourself, what do you need to do? You need to pick a problem that you love to solve. It’s not about the product service or the company and not about what you do or what your parents did. What is the business that you inherited from your parents?

  • pick a problem that you love to solve
  • solve that problem for others
  • attract your customers through a selfie video
  • build communities that you trust
  • Create an ecosystem that includes products and services that can work without you

If you already have a company or business that creates products and services, that’s great. That is your byproduct. That is part of your ecosystem. If you don’t have that, I’ll introduce you to the marketplaces where thousands of companies are applying to you so that you can use their products if they add value to your customer base. Your customers will love you for it.

What is your choice

So now, what are your choices? Red pill or blue pill?

Your choice is to stay bored, stay in the same zone. Don’t take any action; keep watching some more Facebook ads. Figure out if there’s more information that you can collect on Facebook, or you dare to be great. If you dare to be great, you and I can work together and get this whole thing set up for you within a period of 90 days.

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