Money Comes From Thinking & Thinking Comes from Education

There has been only one source of money. Money comes from thinking. In the last Ten Thousand Years or ten million years of evolution on this planet, money has always come from thinking and never from lack of thinking. People say Genghis Khan was a massive Invader. He conquered all of Europe. Robert Greene talks about Genghis Khan and says he was the smartest military emperor of all time. That’s why he was able to command so much. Alexander was not the strongest; he was the smartest. So, thinking brings money.

How does thinking come?

Thinking comes fromeducation. The brain has to be trained to think. Whatever you have been thinking in the last 20-40 years of your life is what brought you to where you are now. If you want to get to a new different level, the thinking has to be trained.

How do you train the thinking?

You can train your thinking by getting an education. The brain has to be taught what to think. The brain has to be controlled what it thinks on a daily or weekly basis. It has to be kept on the Express Highway to glory, greatness and money. The thinking comes not from the education you get in college, which brought you to where you are today. If you’re not happy with that, you need different education.

How to get different Education?

I spent many years of my life working very hard to top the national board in two subjects and get 49th ranked in all India in pre-medical where I beat lacs of students many of whom had done school and then they studied one or two years only to get into med school. I did my school and my med school all simultaneously and top two subjects at National level board. Then I ranked all India 49th and got into India’s number 2 med school. The moment I finished that education, I realized that it had brought me to the lowest level of influence in the market. The L1 level. The moment I realized that this education was wrong. I need to get different education.

I spent seven years of my life just getting in and out of medical college, but that education was obsolete and would not get me anywhere, so I had to choose a different path in life.

If your education that you did in college is not getting you the results and leaves you at level 1 and Level 2 of influence, you need different education because the game is played at a higher level. Remember, a farmer can never be wealthy. In the last 6000 years of history, the farmer has worked for Genghis Khan, Vikram Aditiya, Ashoka, Muhammad bin Tughluq, or the British. And now the farmer works for you and me. In the last six thousand years of working history, the farmer has not grown rich.

If you’re at levels 1 & 2 of influence, you are not going to get rich. So you need different thinking and to get different thinking you need different education. You need to learn some stuff to be educated. You need to learn to get educated. Learning comes from effort or action.

Where does your efforts come from?

The effort will come from the decision. Your parents took the decision that I want to make an effort, and my child will also take the effort to learn and become educated so that they know how to think right and can get to the money honey. That’s the whole game plan why parents send their kids to school. All the kids want to play video games, but parents want you to go to school because parents have taken a decision. It may not be your decision, but parents have taken a decision that you will take the effort and the action necessary to get educated so that you can think right and get into the money honey.

Parents took this decision. The moment we become 22 or 23, our parents stop taking decisions for us, and we are not used to taking decisions. We don’t want to take the decision because we know what’s going to come. Your DNA knows deep inside that decision is going to take effort. So from 23 to 40 or 50, you don’t take decisions. Why? Because decision will cost effort. If you are lucky, you have a spouse who will take your decisions for you.

Unless you take a decision, you’re now going to get the money. The whole route has been outlined for you. This is the only route in the history of time. If you thought there was some other route, there is none. You check this with everybody on the internet, you Google it, Facebook It, go to YouTube, listen to gurus, buy books, attend seminars, and 15 years later, you will come to the same conclusion that this is the path (money>thinking>education>effort>decision).

Now, if you want to change where you are, then the thinking has to be changed because the money comes from thinking, and thinking is going to cost you for education. Education will take effort and learning. You need to decide where you want to be.

The decision comes from only two things.

  • Desire
  • Pain

Only two things will cause you to take a decision, either burning desire or stinging pain.

Who is this meant for?

So there are four types of people this blog is meant for:

People like students, housewives and homemakers who want money. So, if you are a student or a homemaker who wants to understand business, entrepreneurship, and different levels, where this game is played, this is for you. This game is not played at levels 1 & 2 of influence. Drudgery comes at levels 1 and 2. Drudgery is not the game. The game comes at levels 3, 4 and 5. So if you want desire, then this is the place for you.

There are three types of people for whom this blog is meant to be.

  1. If you are a corporate professional who feels at risk in this down market because all the biggest, highest-paid corporate professionals got fired.
  2. If you are an independent professional, doctor, lawyer, chartered accountant, who is lost in an ocean of other doctors, lawyers and accountants, and you don’t think so special anymore. If you feel that pain, then this is for you. And if you don’t feel that pain, it’s not for you.
  3. The third is the small business owner. Every time something happens in the market, only the small business owners are affected. If you’re a small business owner and get hurt every time, and you feel the pain, then this community is for you. The community I am talking about is the Facebook page, Hangout group, Webinars and Launch Program. If you’re a small business owner and get hurt and don’t feel the pain, this is not for you.


If you go to your house, you face your spouse and tell them lies that I’m unsuccessful because the market is bad. That’s a lie, but if you’re happily telling that to your family, that’s cool. If you’re a small business owner who has the formula that I am going to do well regardless of market conditions, then you may not learn something new here because I’m only teaching people who get hurt. So if you’re hurt, this is for you. If you are an independent professional, corporate professional, and you’re hurt, it is for you. If it doesn’t hurt, it is not for you. If you are not in a position of getting hurt, like a student or a homemaker who can’t get hurt very much, but have a desire, then this is the step ladder: decision to take effort, effort leads to learning, learning leads to education, education leads to thinking, and all the money comes from the thinking.

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