2 Secrets for Success in Sales & Sponsoring


Hi – This is Rajat here, and today we’re going to be talking about the 2 Secrets of Success when you go out to promote your business – whether it’s to go and get customers for your product (which you will NEED to do as a new Business owner), or forge alliances and partnerships that expand your reach (like Ray Kroc of McDonalds and Col Sanders of KFC once did).


Okay – so once again – just to level-set – You’re a new business owner who needs to go and get the first few customers for your product. And then you need to have partnerships, in order to expand your business.
And there are a few barriers that you encounter when you start off with either of these things:
• Customers don’t believe in your product
• Potential Partners don’t believe in your product
• Your friends and family don’t believe in you

Very soon you start doubting the whole idea of getting into business for yourself, and you start coming to the realization that it was probably better off sticking to your job as Vice President of XXX Company and not complicate your life.
Yeah….keep going to work, keep going to those pointless social obligations, keep staying in your lane – and forget about your dreams, your real life’s potential – forget about going above and beyond for your family, your society and for the world.
…….Forget about realizing who you truly felt you could be!


Can you believe it – 100% of the people in the history of the world have faced those challenges I just mentioned above:
• Customers don’t believe in your product
• Potential Partners don’t believe in your product
• Your friends and family don’t believe in you

So how did SOME people make it??
SOME people DID the IMPOSSIBLE – they broke the barriers – and they DID become successful in spite of those issues…


So here are 2 VERY SIMPLE secrets to Success that will help you break through the limitations that OTHERS impose whether directly or indirectly.


Even if you are a brand new business with zero employees and zero revenue, you will execute your business from a position of strength. The ideal mindset you will keep is that Your Customers (and Partners) NEED YOU more than you need them!
In fact, make sure that you are promoting only the highest quality products and services – something so unimpeachable that you can safely stand behind it with full confidence.

Once you are working on a Quality product, and a proven business model, it is only a matter of time and effort that you will find success. Each individual prospect is only a churning factor on your road to success.
If they buy from you, or join you as partners – you will, of course provide them world-class products and world-class support….but it is you who bring the most value to that relationship and not the other way round.

To that end, YOU will be the one qualifying your prospects (using power questions, that I will teach you later) at EVERY Stage of the Sales Cycle.

YOU will control the conversation at each meeting, and you will ensure that your prospects understand that it is THEIR privilege that they’re getting to meet with you.

Of course – that doesn’t mean that you will be rude to anyone, and that doesn’t mean that it will change the fact that only a minority will buy from you – it just means that you understand the Sales Cycle and are willing to be in charge of the successes and failures, without making your prospects feel that you need anything from them. (And in fact you don’t, if you have a good business plan).

2) LIST:

ALWAYS start out with a big list… The bigger, the better.

This is probably equally important and inter-related to the first point.

Starting out with a big list (numbering in the hundreds if not thousands) is the biggest critical factor in setting up your business on a solid footing.

It is said that Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken went and proposed his model to 1000+ people before anyone even believed in his idea (or his recipe) – imagine the kind of list he must have started out with….maybe multiple thousands.

A big list will also add to your posture when you contact individuals on that list….hey if you start with, let’s say five hundred to a thousand people, you will be operating from high ground regardless of each person’s individual responses.

If you’re serious about building your business, and if you’re SERIOUSLY sick and tired of the grind, and want to make a better life for yourself and your family you should start out with a BIG BIG list.

Sure, if there are some people you don’t want to contact immediately, and want to keep on the back burner till you have some success behind you, that’s fine. But you MUST keep their names on the list.

Some pointers for building your list:

• A List means a WRITTEN list. Anything you don’t have in writing, in ONE place (preferably on paper) is NOT your business list. And NO – the 15 names in your head is NOT a list
• Use a memory jogger to build out your list. Even if you don’t have their contact details at hand, just write down their names and find their contact details later
• Write down ALL the numbers in your cell phone and email list. You can strike some off later if they don’t qualify
• DO NOT Pre-judge people before writing their names or contacting them. This is the NUMBER 1 reason most people fail in their startup or home business. They Pre-Judge before they write the person’s name down

So – there you have it – the 2 Secrets of Success in your New Business –
1. Work with Posture and
2. Start with a BIG List

Wish you All the Best!!

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