How to Invite Prospects to Your Meeting

How to Invite Prospects

Hi This is Rajat here, from Startup Frat.

Expanding your small Home-Based business is more a game of scale than a game of skill. Which means that hard-work and churning the numbers play a more important role than any one skill.

However there is one area where your skill matters a lot, and NOT mastering this skill could cause you a lot of problems during lift-off.

This area is called “Invitation” –

It has to be done in a particular manner in order to be successful.

And with this video, I am going to get this down PAT for you, so pay attention and take notes:


Remember – Your business will only grow through Demos and Meetings (and any associated Follow-Ups).

No Demos/Business Plans = No Business Growth – It’s as simple as that.

Unlike the Information Age proverb, Business is NOT Done over the phone, only Invitations are done over the phone.

So it’s your Number 1 and probably the most important goal in your business to keep people coming in for those Product Demos or Business plan meetings.

The Skill of Inviting does exactly that –

  • It creates curiosity in the prospect’s mind
  • It qualifies the prospect by asking him a leading question
  • It slots the prospect for a meeting at a SPECIFIED Date/Time/Location


  • If the prospect does not qualify themselves, you will drop them here.
  • If the prospect acts too slippery, and makes it difficult for you to lock down the Date/Time/location, you will drop them here and come back to them later once you’ve launched your business with better prospects.
  • Now remember, we are living in a busy economy where Time is at a premium, so prospects WILL have a tendency to ask a few questions on the phone. So you will need to address that situation BEFORE it arises, by being PREPARED for it.
  • Always Remember – The Invitation Call is a Closed Loop – Every Question you Answer MUST Always end up with pitching the Date/Time/Location (also called “The Close”).

You may need to pitch the Date/Time/Location 1 – 3 times in the call before you exit. Any more than that, and you are losing posture.


  • Inviting is BEST Done over the Phone. That way it gives you control and the prospect cannot hold you for longer than you want to stay
  • Alternatively, you can do this in-person but best to do it on your way out, for the same reason mentioned above
  • 30 seconds to 3 minutes ONLY
  • PERIMETER – Always sound like you’re in a hurry.
  • Better still – always BE in a hurry while Inviting. Make sure you MENTION that you’re in a hurry.
  • DISCLAIMER – Mention that by calling them to meet up, you’re not promising anything
  • FALLBACK – Always tell them that in case they change their mind (or an “EMERGENCY” comes up, they must let you know beforehand, so you can use your time elsewhere)


  • WEB RESOURCES: Keep some web-resources handy, and use email as a weapon.

It’s the Tech-Age and your prospects are used to exchanging information via email and Facebook. If you’re NOT utilizing these platforms, it may sound fishy to your prospect and he/she may take a very suspicious view of your phone call – a handicap you may not recover very well from.

I personally like to maintain a Facebook page which shares very non-specific information about my business.

  • TRIGGER REFERENCE: In certain cases if you know a prospect’s pain-point, you could refer to it and say “Lisa, the other day you were talking about how the Doctors don’t seem to have any idea about beating Thyroid problems, are you still looking for a solution to that?

ORJohn, I remember you mentioning you would love to buy a Mustang, is it still your dream car?

  • QUALIFIER: A Qualifier is a Closed-Ended Yes/No question that a prospect must answer in order to qualify themselves for your meeting. Answering the question makes the prospect feel (rightly) that they need to qualify for whatever you have in mind for them. It gives you control.

John, if the money were good, and fit into your schedule, would you look at achieving some more Financial stability than your current job gives you?

A qualifier could also be a 3rd party qualifier (if you are calling indirectly through someone’s reference)

John, I was referred to you by Lisa, and she said you’re a highly ambitious person who’s always up for new lucrative ideas, Is that true?

  • 2-SLOT CLOSE: If I’m calling someone I do not know personally, or have met them only once or twice, I like to give them 2 Time slots, at least 2 days apart when I would like to meet them. This helps set up the posture, and also helps avoid issues with availability.

John, I’m looking at 20-30 mins over coffee to run some ideas by you – would you prefer we meet at 7:30 pm tomorrow(Tuesday) at your place, or stop by my place at 8:30 am on Thursday on your way to work?”

NOTE: If the prospect proposes a 3rd slot, I invariably say Yes and move on, unless I have another business meeting planned at that time.

  • Of course, if the prospect acts wishy-washy or tries to act difficult, you can Drop Them Cold here



  • Exchange Pleasantries briefly [Hi How’re You Doing, etc?]
  • Set Up Perimiter [I’m going into a meeting, Cannot talk long….]
  • Use an Optional Trigger Reference [Are you still Interested in…that you were talking about ]
  • Use an Optional Qualifier (Could be a 3rd party referral) [Would you call yourself an ambitious person?]
  • Give them the Disclaimer that you cannot promise anything, however you would like to meet at Date/Time/Location, and take it from there (CLOSE).
  • If they ask for more info – Tell them you will be sharing some info via Text/Email/Whatsapp and CLOSE by pitching Date/Time/Location again
  • If they insist they need more info over the phone, Drop Them Cold

Example of an Invitation Call:

Marketer: John, Hi – This is Lisa, is this a good time to talk? (alternatively, “how are you doing”)

Prospect: Hey Lisa – Yeah sure – what’s up, how’ve you been?

Marketer: John, I’m doing great, thanks! Listen – I’m just rushing into a meeting so I cannot talk long….listen – are you still having trouble with arranging that Home Loan for your dream house?

Prospect: Well, yeah – we’re working through it but I’m not sure how long it’ll take – why do you ask?

Marketer: Okay…well – no promises, but I think I may have an idea, how’re you placed at 7:30 pm today? I will be driving down that area and can stop by if you buy me coffee….

Prospect: Hey Lisa, that sounds great – tonight I have plans to take the family out for dinner, but can you email me something about this idea? Is this a broker you know about that can help me?

Marketer: John, …..ummm………..listen – I’m in a hurry and I’m awaiting some info that may arrive by tomorrow, so let’s do this, why don’t you stop by the Connaught Place Starbucks at 8:30 am on Thursday, on your way to work and we can talk about it? I will be there meeting a friend later on.

Prospect: Umm….sure – we’ll have to make it 20 mins precise, because I’ve to be at work by 9 am

Marketer: Yes, in fact I’m meeting a friend later so I wouldn’t want to keep her waiting. Listen – NO PROMISES, but I may have something that you might like – see you on Thursday 8:30 am then – and hey John..one more thing….

Prospect: Yeah, sure…what?

Marketer: I’ll be coming in early to meet with you, so just in case you are unable to make it due to an unforeseen emergency, please do let me know so I can save the time.

Prospect: Yeah – Lisa sure – I’ll be there on time – thanks!



This is relevant only to Direct-Sales or Multi Level Marketing people.

The smartest of MLM marketers bite the dust when the prospect asks: “Is this MLM?”

But fear not – I have the perfect response that deactivates that Land mine, and you can be on your way…

Marketer: Ask the prospect (in a curious tone) – What do you mean?

Prospect: Is this Direct Sales, or one of those Chain Marketing schemes?

Marketer: Umm….I don’t know about that, can you explain further?

Prospect: Well – one of those things where I have to go out and get members for a scheme..

Marketer: (in an uneasy tone) ummm… do you like doing all that?

Prospect: Yes OR No

Marketer: Great – Then you will Love what I’m going to share – this is probably right up your alley – No Promises, though.

See you on Thursday then…!


Belowmentioned are some real life calls from such invitations. Please feel free to listen and learn from them. (Names and locations are blurred to protect the person’s privacy)

Do leave your comments and questions below so we can answer them.

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