6 Steps to Follow Up With Prospects

Have you ever completed a Sales presentation and then later during the Follow Up, found it uncomfortable to ask your prospect to become a customer OR join your business ?

Well, if you’re like me you’ve probably struggled for a long time and failed to “convince people” and then sworn you would NEVER do an Affiliate Marketing Business again

So today I’m going to give you the secrets when it comes to closing those prospects coming up.

The Deal Killer Follow Up – “What Do You Think…?”

So lets say that someone has looked at your Business plan and all you can think about when you follow up is “hey what do you think?” …..and if you’re like me you’ve seen them go in all directions and you can never get them to buy or to sign up.

Well, firstly asking them “what do you think is like” saying well – what do you think about Politics? – its opens up a can of worms and then the prospect goes in all directions….

So I’m going to go ahead and give you 6 steps – 6 questions that you ask them in sequence that should help them focus on the discussion and help them make a decision that affects their financial security.

Now before that, Let’s just quickly walk through the basics so you understand where you stand.

The Goal of Follow Up

The Goal of the Follow Up is to connect with the Prospect once they’ve had some time to understand and digest your Business Plan and then help them FUNNEL-THROUGH their own decision-making process. Honestly speaking – you just introduced a new idea that kinda shook up their well-settled world a bit…and to be fair to them, it might even scare them a little.

So the goal here is to help them through their own decision making, and also to qualify them at the same time. If you feel they are going to expect a lot of results with very little work, you need to call them out on it or drop them.

So you will only follow the 6 steps that I am sharing with you, and not allow the conversation to go haywire, REGARDLESS of the TEMPTATION to explain things etc…. You’ve probably already discovered you’re not the coolest cat in the Marketing world, so stay focused and follow the steps.

Rules for Follow Up:

  • Always Follow Up within 48 hours, Prospects lose information in their heads within that timeframe.
  • Don’t Wait for Them to “Come Back to you for a Decision”
  • The Faster you get back with your Prospect after the Initial Demo, the More the Chances of a Yes Answer.

So, Here are Your 6 Steps

Follow Up Tip No 1:

“What do you like best or you could say what caught your attention the most – the

product the business or a little bit of both?”

and no matter what they say you win – right? because it is whether it’s the

product the business are both great obviously which is why someone like you is involved.

What did you like best about what you just saw what called your attention product business or

a little bit of both?

Follow Up Tip No 2:

Once they’ve shared with you what caught their attention the most, what they like best then what you can do is to really kind of judge where they are in the process.

So you say on a scale of one to ten, ten being I’m super excited I’m ready to goone being I’m not interested where do you see yourself”

and then you want to just be quiet and you want to wait until they answer you because they will tell you where they are sometimes we talk ourselves right out of a prospect joining because maybe they’re ready to go but we talk over them and we try to convince them and that just kills it. Remember – posture is your Number 1 asset…..remember – Amateurs Convince, Professionals Sort.

Follow Up Tip No 3:

Now, regardless of what they answered in Q Nos 1 and 2, you ask them the third question – we go look how much money would you need to make on a monthly basis to make it worth your while and as long as they give you a reasonable number for example they go “hey look I’m looking to make about Fifty Thousand Rupees or let’s say a thousand dollars a month” then you go in to tip number four which is

Follow Up Tip No 4:

“How many hours a week are you willing to put in to get to that thousand dollars a month”

So that’s where you have to make sure it’s reasonable… if they go “I need to make ten thousand dollars (or 5 lakh rupees a month) and I can only put in five hours a week”, you’re acting as their consultant and trying to get them to see that they’re able to do what you’re sharing with them before they’re even joined in;

So you may go “hey look I’m not sure what you do for a living right now but we probably need to readjust those numbers – ten thousand dollars a month working five hours a week you know what do you make for a living now how long have you been at your job you need to move one of the numbers either less money or more hours” ….and then

Follow Up Tip No 5:

“How long would you be willing to work with me to help you get to the thousand dollars a month working five ten hours a week” whatever number they gave you

And again as long as it’s reasonable…let’s say – six months – that’s where we lead into the closing tip which is one of the most powerful questions in Affiliate marketing…which is

Follow Up Tip No 6:If I – Would You

okay… “if I could show you how to work five or ten hours a week and get to X amount of income a month in the next six months, would you be willing to JOIN AND START in business with me NOW?

Very simple – right if I can show you how to do that, are you ready to get started … and then you want to be quiet. Don’t feel like you have to keep talking… don’t be uncomfortable because there’s a few minutes  or a few seconds of silence (which feels like a few minutes) because either they’re gonna say well yes or they’re gonna go well what about “X” and then they’re gonna share with you their objection, which is just a question that you need to get answered either by you or through your leadership.

If you get your leaders to answer that question you’re hearing them answer the question and you’re getting trained at the same time so those are the six simple steps or tips are very simple, they’re very effective and the more you use those the better you’re gonna get, and if you start teaching your team to do the same thing because they’re EASILY DUPLICATABLE.

Do those 6 steps again and again, and I promise you’ll see more and more people buying your products or joining your business as alliance partners.

Do share this video with people who need it – I’ll see you in the next video.

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