Avoid 3 Mistakes and Make it Your Best Year Ever

Avoid 3 Mistakes and Make it Your Best Year Ever

Hi, there this is Rajat from Startup Frat. I welcome you all to this fresh new content. Today I am gonna talk to you about How to say a proper B.Y.E. to 2020 and if you read till the end I will also talk to you about 3 little things you can do. In order to do a proper bye to 2021 also. And then some people must be saying well you mean hi or bye to 2021. No, we are gonna say bye to both the years. By the bye, I don’t mean bye-bye. I mean How do you make 2020 B – Best, Y-Year, E – Ever (BYE).

If you thinking man, what is this guy talking about, you know the whole year was horrible. First of all, we have a pandemic. Yes, I know. I suffered the thing as you did. Some of you guys must be saying, you know we had all these physical limitations, some of the people have an economic impact also. Especially, If you are a small business, if you are a working professional like an independent professional like doctor, lawyer, charted accountant, architect chance are your practice is closed.

You know if you are a corporate professional, maybe you lost your bonus or whatever it is. I keep getting these different inputs. But the world today, especially today the financial world is very very different than when we started. In fact, most of us wish that we could somehow transport it back to 2019. At least economically or financially. But for now, it’s not gonna happen. So. Why do I say that 2020 could be your best year ever? Because I was part of a community that actually made some changes made some improvements. Utilizes the time and actually achieves some results.

Which actually made 2021 a very good year for them. I can guarantee you that these people will actually look back in 2020 and say it was one of the most pivot years of my life. Now if you know my backstory, I have been through a few recessions, in early time I able to do some career changes. Which have been beneficial to me. And of the most important thing, I learned in the recession.

The housing crash of 2008 was that the economy goes down and then the economy goes up but in that bargain the smart get rich. So, this community is all about building your own business, building your own brand, even if you don’t have one, then how do you go about getting it. And when the economy was going down and coming up in the lockdown was happening and then opening some people in this community actually made a turnaround for themselves.

I will be sharing with you some stories of these people towards the end of this week in separate blogs. But for now, I want to focus on, what it is that makes a good year? What is makes the best year? And let’s go to 2021 what it is that you could do right now to take care of 2021.

3 big mistakes

There are 3 big mistakes that people make when they enter into the new year or any new year. What are they? The first one is – they enter in the new year, the party starts on 31st and the party finishes on 1st. maybe your office is open on the 2nd. Maybe your party little too hard. And the haze is just starting to settle down. It is typically by the 5th or 6th of the year or the month of January that you start realizing where you stand and your new year resolutions are just getting cleared at that point.

In the first week or by the end of the first week of January. You know your new year’s resolution starts coming into focus ok. This Is my new year resolution, what are you gonna post on Facebook?

This is what I am gonna do. My friend this is a big mistake. You are already OUT OF TIME. The game is already started, It’s like saying you need to be in the office at 10 Am for a meeting and you wake up at 9:55 Am. You think you woke up before the meeting but the chances are you are not gonna get any benefit by the time you enter for that meeting in the office.

You know it’s gonna be like 10:30 Am or whatever it is. You already lost the boat or you already missed the boat. So you are out of time. The first mistake that people make is that they enter a new year and then they realize that they have a new resolution, then they start following the new year resolution.

The second big mistake is that they are OUT, OF ENERGY, all of that overeating on the new year, all of that party, friends and etc makes you totally out of the energy. And you are not to blame. This is just like a very recent phenomenon of society that believes that some of the things are actually energy releasing and that we deserve this relaxation and best way to relax. And I am gonna talk to you about some of these things and you will be surprised what they are.

People think that hanging out on the phone with friends and family a lot is like blowing steam. Yeah, I go to work, you know the work is hectic, so when I come back, I just like to hang out on a phone with my friends and family. Or I spent time with friends and family a lot. By family, I don’t mean your kids and spouse, I mean just extended family. Calls keep coming from friends, neighbors, or whatever it is.

Spending a lot of time either on the phone or physical with the extended family circle, way too much, way more than desired is a complete waste of energy. What if have to tell you, If you gonna reduce this time and half over the next few days, you will see your energy improving by almost 10 to 15%. If you reduce the time that you spent talking to friends and family, socializing with them in person or on the phone by half in the next 5 days. You will see your energy improve by 10 to 15 % right there. The second thing is Netflix. Netflix and chill.

Already worked hard enough. Now I just wanna watch Netflix and chill. That is the second big energy sap. What it doing is, the more media you watch, it basically affects your brain and leaves a footprint in your mind. A mind needs to be empty to think and plan. Got did not make the mind to feedstuff. The mind has an output mechanism, not an input mechanism.

So you need to leave your mind free to think and plan. Preferably with a pen and paper you know instead of binging on Netflix and YouTube and things like that. Now let’s get to mistake number 3. What is the third biggest mistake that people make? Screw up their year before even the year started. The third thing is not to have a water and oxygen schedule. What is the water and oxygen schedule?

There are 3 things your body needs for survival in the order

1. Oxygen
2. Water
3. Food.

So, If you see we have way too much food in our culture to live here. Pretty much all of us are kind of overfit. But how many of us are over hydrated? Yeah, that’s the number one thing that body needs number two actually. And number one thing is oxygen. We assume that because we are breathing all day long way. We are getting oxygen and the answer is no. There is something called shallow breath Vs. deep breath. The deeper breath you do the better oxygen flows into your body and better your brain works.

It’s a productivity hack but you know it’s inbuilt into your exercising. So, if you’re going for a walk or jogging or you are going gym in the morning, you know that great. Probably already inbuilt into it. If not, if you are kind of irregular with your gym or walk, jog, or whatever it is. Then you probably need to have a breathing schedule built into your day.

It takes a total of fewer than 5 minutes across 24 hours. But this thing my friend is gonna make you supernova in the next economy guaranteed. Now I don’t know if during the lockdown you allowed these all toxins. Which is too much socializing, too much Netflixing, and not having a water and oxygen schedule, which was extremely difficult during the lockdown. Because obviously you could not go outside and do exercise and things like that.

I don’t know if you let this toxin creep into your life. During the lockdown, if you are wasting your energy, I am gonna introduce you to some people who utilize their energy. Who basically employed their energy, you gonna talk to them and listen to their stories during the latter half of this week.

Now, what is the third big mistake? A screwing up new year before it gets started. It is OUT OF FOCUS. Now some of the focus areas, etc will come if you get your time and energy in order. But what exactly is the focus? What kind of focus am I talking about? Focusing on your profession, focus on your general life, etc.

There are certain focus areas you need to have when you start out. Because the chances are If you don’t think about all of them equally then disbalance gonna start and affecting each other. And you gonna end up halfway through the year with literally no focus and not knowing where you are going. If a slowdown happens, something happens it did not see coming.

You will not have the psychological resources to deal with it. So, what are these areas? You need to have a plan. On what do you need to be? Where do you need to be? On the health front, on the wealth front, on your family and relationship front and becoming better human being come, etc also comes here, I am also working on it. I am also imperfect like you.

Then you have skill-building. What is skill-building, is there something hidden inside you that could be like a right-brain or left-brain, creativity hidden inside you, there something music hidden inside you, there something art hidden inside you, if there any left-brain kind of thing?

You know there is something high-income skills you want to build. You know that never comes about. Is it fair to say that this could be the best time to plan for 2021 instead of waiting till the 7th of January or the 5th of January? I would say yes. I don’t know, what would you say. Just let me know in the comment box if you are with me.

So, these are the 3 reasons that gonna screw up your 2021 before even you get started. If you wanna say bye in 2021, which means if you make 2021 the best year ever. You know these are the 3 big mistakes you don’t wanna make. Now, for the final. You must be thinking, hey man, how do you make 2020 your best year ever? If it’s not been the best so far, are you making 2020 your best year ever, if it’s not been best so far? I am gonna have a series of training come through during this week and then I have a super solid introduction that I wanna make to you.

Some cool gifts etc that are coming, probably help you along the journey. Provide you the information, I will provide you the tools, I will provide you the motivation, I will provide you the references and case studies. How you can do this? Listening to people who have already done this. If you are in this? If you would like to get this information then what I want you to do is? Comment below.

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