Importance of Information-Based Right Actions at Right Time

Importance of Information-Based Right Actions at Right Time

Hi, there this is Rajat from Startup Frat. I got a super special lesson for you. So, I don’t know if you guys are of my age group or not. I’m gonna be 40 in a few months. Back in when I was in class 10th in 1996 for class. So, 9th in 1995 we had this story. Where there are these two ladies one of them is very rich one of them is you’re not so rich and I think they are sisters or cousins of friends or something like that. And obviously, the one was not so rich; she has always lived in all of the richer ones. They think you know this is very special. They live a very nice life. You know they have all the nice things. They look different. They are totally different people.


One day this poor cousin has to go to a party, and she wants to look nice. She wants to dress nice. What she does do? She goes and asks the richer lady and she said you know that I want to look really nice the something that you can loan to be lent to me to wear. She gives a very nice necklace and she is like this is you know that you can just borrow this and you can return it to me in a few days. Then this lady goes out, the more middle-class lady she goes out to the party and by the time she comes back she realizes that she has lost the necklace. She can’t really afford it. She is like oh my God, I have borrowed this beautiful expensive necklace and I could not afford it so, what do I do?

The next day she goes to the best jewelry store in town and she finds the jewelry area she goes to a few stores and she finds the exact same necklace. She asked the price and it’s like excess of dentally expensive. So, she spends all her life saving, she takes a loan, she ponds her house and belongings and all of that stuff. Then she buys that necklace and then she returns that to the rich lady and she spent the next many years of her life, 10- 20 years of her life actually paying off that loan that she had taken for the necklace.

Then they share another story many years later where you know these two ladies are talking and she says you know I didn’t want to tell you but I basically lost your necklace many years back and then I had to buy it again and taken me 15-20 years to pay off that loan. Then the richer lady you know starts crying. She said you should have told me. Actually, I don’t wear authentic diamond necklaces to parties. Because it’s a risk. So, it was an imitation. you know it was not an expensive thing at all What you lost was an imitation.


Then she takes out that expensive necklaces, the poor lady was bought for and she says you can have this back. Because this is very expensive probably, I didn’t even realize it. Because the imitation was looked just the same. So, I cannot keep it, you need to keep that. So, what is the lesson that you learn from the story? Sometimes things in life are easier than we think it is and we overcomplicate in our minds.

Because we always think that the other person is kind of more special, their life is you know more special is like something complicated and all that’s only later we find out it was not that complicated it is very simple. And if you had only got the right information, then the right actions. You know our life could have been very different. Why am I telling you that? Because in the area of making money improving financial status, starting a business, or any of these things. Sometimes you know when we look at these people, you know they seem different to us.

They seem almost God-like. They talk about different things, they behave differently. It seems that they know something that we don’t. And definitely in the old days, that was true. People doing big businesses and all they had that access to information or access to a certain thing, certain circle that we did not have. Many of them had this you know access to government officials and also those things used to happen. But in the real world, especially today you know those things do not exist. The people who are doing well are just the same people as us. And we very lucky time where we have seen thousands and thousands of stories of rags to riches.

This means people who started from nowhere have become the richest people in the world. People like Bill Gates, people like Elon Musk, people like Jeff Bezos, and all of these guys even in India people like Dhirubhai Ambani who started from nowhere and become multibillionaire. This is happening right when we are there on the planet today and this is happening right in front of us. So, what is stopping us, and the same question I wanna ask you what is stopping you from stretching out getting the right information? You know putting the right pieces of action together and trying to achieve the same result as yourself for yourself.

Now definitely there are different aspects of business that probably scare us that are risky that we don’t understand and will gonna be talking about many of these aspects throughout this week. That is going to be the theme of this coming week. This is why I have wanted to put this content up, my working day just got over but I said I need to put it out. Because I got a series of content is coming up. One more end to the story was, that this lady the poor lady when she got the expensive necklace back in a hand, she said you know what you’ve actually done me too terrible a disservice.

2 times you did me a terrible disservice. The first time you didn’t tell me that you were giving me an imitation otherwise you and I would have been happier and I won’t have been in this situation and I would have bought you back an imitation necklace. And the second thing is that now you’re giving me this necklace back. This necklace is not worth it for me because, I’ve already spent all of my youth, all of my life 15 – 20 years of my life paying for this necklace that is going to add no value to my life. So, I think the question or the lesson over here is, would you spend 15 – 20 years of your life? Getting something that you thought is meant for you and then finding out at the end that you could have gotten much better but diverting your energies in a different direction.

Take Information Based Right Action at Right Time

Lot of the things that safety, safe behavior brings, in the end, is not even worth it. Because your life as we spent to get what it is. Sometimes you find out that the people who actually stretched out and did things that were outside of the comfort zone, still have the safety. They had more fun, they are better stories, they had more adventure, and the value of the life the way the life was spent. The value and character of that life are so much better.

So would you like to be in a situation by 25 years later you found out oh my god if I just got the right information If I had done the right things, right guidance? I could have done this, but I never. Either I never got the right information or I never made the right actions or I never took the right steps and all. Now my life, I got what I want but I spent 15 – 20 years in achieving and its no value to me. If the price you pay for it my friend is more than the value that you get for it.

So, you will probably be running at a loss at that point will be very to digest that. Let me give you a quick example, you can try this with your friends and family. If you ever look at a 60 + year old, not all of them but some of them 60 plus years old. If you tell them stuff that happened 5 years back, that they could have done that would have made life easier. They don’t hear about it. Many of them, I am not seeing all of them. You can see them shutting down mentally, you can see them shutting out that information, changing the topic, you know shutting down the conversation, or something like that.


If you tell 60 years old that for the last 10 years you did not need to stand in line at the electricity board to pay electricity bill but you could do it on Paytm or you don’t need to keep Paytm may be because you have a security risk you feel that somebody is still the money or whatever. You could have gone to the Kirana Store or to the Airtel recharge store and they would have made the payment for you instead of you going all the way to the electricity board and standing in line for 1 hour every month just to pay your bill.

If you tell them this, this happened 5 years ago, 10 years ago and you know you can move now. They will not do it. They will create reasons in the brain to say why you know what if I go to the electricity board, I can ask some questions about why my bill is so much they can answer me, etc. Then you know I have friends over there and when I go there are always buy that beautiful Mathias something for your grandmother that she loves so much. They will bring any amount over reasons because they do not want to face the fact, that time has been wasted in the last 5 – 10 years whatever.

On the contrary to tell the same 60-year-old that there is this new technology coming out that I am thinking about trying out. In fact, I’ve got it and you can also share it with me or you can you know I’ll teach you how to do it while learning. They will be more than happy to learn. Because no time has been wasted. The fact that the time has been wasted in retrospect will hurt you more than the risk for failure will hurt you in today’s time. So, that is a decision you have to make now.

So, every information that we get has been caught from somewhere everything that you want to do has been done by somebody before and the best thing you can do is learn from the past and applied in your present. Create a better future for yourself.

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