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I just want to make this quick video just to get you all oriented and just to give you a quick reminder to check your email for access detail so what we’re gonna be doing is spanning five days together and our day working on crafting your message for your corporate professional who is looking to set up an alternative reality to set up some change probably because you don’t want to be in a job for too long if you are certified professional like a doctor lawyer chartered accountant who is lost in a notion of other such certified professionals you want to stand out.

If you are a small business owner who wants to expand their business and your second tired of being in a position where constantly getting hit and heard by the different ravages of the economy then this five day workshop will be very very useful for you now what is this workshop all about this workshop is all about the power of your message what is this message that we’re talking about and how is it can help us in on the business friend you known on the business front on the commercial friend so let me just walk you

through what is the importance and why we always stress on the power of your message in the lean startup model so I am over here in my PowerPoint with talks about the power of your message and the message is basically how your message can create a movement ok can create a movement why do I say movement the importance of a messages that a the first thing is when you when you have some kind of message associated with your brand whatever product or service that you are offering

the customer or if your corporate professional for setting up a small agency is you going private you want to help companies or other individuals achieve certain results using your expertise then your message has to impact someone’s pipla to Grab attention to it has to M impact someone how does it impact someone we have any exam floor Ye that says even if you say some nice thing this a try a spouse or whatever your messages will make it change in someone’s life whatever your messages will make a change in someone’s life will impact someone what is the second importance is it will give them food for thought not only will it make them feel certain

we are in fact the light in that fashion will get their food for thought which will make them think and the great philosopher Socrates says you cannot teach anybody anything for you cannot make anyone do anything you cannot convince anyone to buy a product service or whatever you cannot convince people to believe the same things that they do but you can only make them think ok isliye message will have an impact honour customer where it will also make them think about you added deeper level than just the transactional products services cetera what is the third 18 elicits a response in basically means your message has to be crafted in a way which not only makes people think about your did also elicits a response.

we have to learn techniques to do that the four things it will set of a train of events which will lead to widespread change it could lead to a movement and for this you don’t need to have you don’t need to be like a major scientist II is creation new invention are you not do something out of the ordinary very ordinary things very ordinary business is very ordinary people are creating mass movement should I am gonna walk you through them justice S ok so what is a train of events Mahatma Gandhi a very simple message very concise message isase when I love the pro

India company or from the British company then how will we ever have economic freedom so the way to get economic freedom is be start with the smallest of things which is salt Vanagaram by a sword from the British in fact we go all the way to coast and make our fault ourselves and they can beat us they can improve in prisoners taken Kila so whatever it is but once we put this thing which is you know which is this thought of this message and do whatever you can you can beat Meme present me.

whatever I am not buy from you and buy from you that started weakening the economics cold that the British had over India kisses sets of a train of events which could change the world for future generations ok so that is the power that your message can have even if your Europe providing a product service for which you want paying clients is a very simple transaction but today you have to rise above that and create something that can last

for years and last for generation ok now some of the oldest existing messages have changed the future of the world as we have created the world that will even what are these existing messages a message can be identity-based it can be exchanged based of water which is you know I will do this for you do this for me is that it can be cash based what are these messages that have created movement that are shaped our planet the first is identity based which could be religious based on nationalism based 17 and this is what we believe when we believe will we believe in certain you know certain spirituality search and religion of our version of God

or we have you know identity-based which is you know we have shown in the picture of Adolf Hitler which could be taken and negatively but he was the first person who had this whole night National National list kind of a movement this as a man you are a few belong to this country should have tried and all the other people for suppressing you you know if you need to do something about it so this was kind of a Nationalist movement can be taken in negative connotation also but the way started was that Germany after the first world war was on that the economic ravages of the Western world and then you know it summary needed to actually

unite unite the nation against the operating power the so it will seem that point and then we announce that Hitler started this all movement of course there are lots of negative effects of that and we totally don’t support them is very very important to understand that with the right kind of message you can unite what you call your subscribers all these Germans and all many of whom committed crimes against humanity were essentially subscribers to a message and towards the end when all of them were going and two goats and getting sued for creating crime against humanity and all many of them said alas this following a message as just following some orders right so that is a power of a message can really get people indoctrinated can really in unite people it can really caused widespread

change and all of that of gift same with the religious identity based which is we believe in this and that’s why all the people who were like a so believe in this should stick together it chapter II whatever it is ok so that’s an identity basis goes back to the beginning of time the sun goes back to Tribal X tribal times when you know you needed all these messages in a sense of belonging to fold people together otherwise an arcuate follow and people

just fight with each other and all of that ok so message this is one of the oldest existing messages in the world which is identity based we belong to this Nation river long does religion we belong Hero we belong with identity based then you have something called but they’re based awarded buttonbass messages you know which is politics for example is a button based message which is I will do this for you if you do this for me

If I will do this for you should do this for me and again it does need not have a positive and negative connotation is one of the oldest existing things in on the planet where even during the time of Kings and Queens during the time of monarchies everyone are ki had some message of the others as you know I will take care of the nation and in return obviously I get to be king or queen right sysol exchange

Everyone ki had some message on the other that says you are I will take care of the nation and in return obviously I get to be king or queen

Keys have survived for many hundreds of years because people truly believe that ok these guys are giving us this and in return we give them there their power whatever they want rights in exchange based message to butters it is like the kind of a barter system right and then you have cash based of capitalist system which is you know somebody who can provide letters ilabor raw material or what ever shown over here who need the money and in some but you as the money you need the labour are the raw material to create a finished product ok so that South capital is Amber I’ll pay you to do this work for me

In return as create a product that my customer will pay me for a case that is relatively more recent and yellow capitalism through cash through cash started with you know with with with with America for example there truly capitalist Nation and again we don’t need to have any judgement causing is it good or bad we don’t know but you know capitalism is the most recent of the message types for basic leave here are some differences and similarities between capitalism and socialism in India for example we are a socialist state till the late eighties early 19th and for some reason

I feel this my personal belief and which is why I am hard fought at the same nature that the country did not we know we did not have financial security we did not have a lot of things going for a still at time but when we turned fully capitalist in 1990 onwards when we started unit was all pay and play right it was all pain favourite he was money and then you could work for a foreign company foreign companies came to India and all the overall lifestyle has really improved in our generation that’s something we need to be Cognizant of so personally

I believe in business I believe in capitalism and of course there are a lot of people say there are lots of limitations to capitalism in this they could be something better and sure they could be something better and whenever it arrived we will definitely work on it we have an idea on what would work better we have some ideas on what would work better nothing that is identity-based nothing that is water based and nothing that is truly cash basis but something that is a combination of all of the above and can actually you know create a lot of big movements even form of very small scale and water

What is this new method what is this new improved Type 5 what type for messages it is mission based now what is a mission based It has good elements of all of these other It has good elements of Identity-based message it has a good element of water built as a good element of capital is based and I’ll show you an example right here so let’s lamicoat my browser I am over here are talking about a supplements and Weight Loss brand which is call lady boss and now this lady which is her name is caitlin she actually personally started this brand about 8 years back and she was actually it over overweight lady for suffering from some low self-esteem and all that.

She said and to get fit and am not doing great and her energy levels below and all their knowledge of this problem and then she basically started this movement ok now this is you could be it could be seen as a plane plane plane commercial brand but she’s made into a multi-million dollar business how she said she had elements of Identity based which is I was overweight I was facing all these troubles and I had their very low self-esteem and basically ab my life into my own hands and I started to get fit and this started to get fit so that is her message and a message includes community element which is it’s women’s weight loss

For wonderful life and the day you start doing that it starts linking bags with the continuance struggle and you know I am in this with you and you are in this with me so she’s made it like a community movement and prove that she has also better brand which is elements of capitalism over here and that means that for whatever you can you can you can buy expensive products from US you can take take a part in a gym membership or you can start with something as less is a $19 Chalein Nagin they have a challenge you are also in part of a part of the challenge with me right so this is some challenge

which is basically community-based as you know you will provide you a little bit of value will work with you for 45 days and around the it it hardly cost anything and then you can you know you can get started on the journey and then if you feel that the journey is for you then you can take for the decision you can probably take a gym membership by a supplements or whatever it is right so she has something called a message bhej 89 lady Boss community gain back confidence improve overall quality of life change the health of the entire family trees these are some of our messages it’s not about a bi my supplement ok so if your business or not if you are a corporate professional sales in effect quit my job

how will I ever you know can upgrade of business may be allowed to find another job may be allowed to find one good paying client will pay me because I am in accounting professional I am in MBA in marketing I am fine and I am in HR person or whatever it is that is not your whole identity your identity has to come from a message that can pull from your identity was not a whole and enter new what is a message here she has literally hit a lot of RAW nerve saying gain back to confidence which means is not about the supplement is not about the weight loss if you if you if you do not get fit then you will not have confidence right similarly our overall quality of life will will be lower their it says that people were not healthy are also not wealthy and all of these things are related and today

people realise that right people of lot of people are extremely rich do not want to be fat slobs they want to you know they want to improve the health and think like that so all of these things are related and change the health of the entire family tree now what she’s telling women is that if you are on healthy and then you go on having kids and all these kids will be carrying you know some elements of that can help so to say some of that bad health and a new family tree will be impacted 3 need to maintain healthy especially for the childbearing phase and all that and you know you need to make this commitment to yourself in a tour to remain healthy now will go to another example which is this gentleman is very big brand in stock trading ok now you can see they have these products which are all about you

know all about technical analysis in stock trading and all but they have these other products which are talking about great relationship boosting confident why do you want to succeed so what they’ve done is there message is very simple they have a product that is the training staff right altitude trading less route trading maybe they have a brokerage house with you can do trade through them and you know they’ll probably collector Commission on the trade

so they have a traditional business model but what they are doing is De creating a message around it with all of the CSC all of this motivational staff they have you know their talking on TV they have their video as with like big people that talking from the states now what business has a stockbroker to do the talking on stage why before their connecting it to the larger message of a movement which is am and I learnt this kill it made me financially free CM on

What they are doing is decorating a message around it with all of the CSC all of this motivational staff they have you know their talking on TV they have their videos with like big people that talking from the stays Know what business has a stockbroker to do with talking on stage why because their connecting it to the larger message of a movement which is a man I learnt this kill it made me financially free CM all stages with all these famous people might the polity of my life is change 17 and you know you have the product which is the stock trading that’s going on but he why do you want to succeed ok

so there pulling into your deepest Desire dancing if you learn the skills for example you know you will have lots of other effects in life you know you will be you feel successfully greatest self-confidence three ways to boost confidence you like better relationships because relationship suffer because I’m money plain and simple man if you don’t have money your relationship are going to suffer at some point they want to get strained if you do have money doesn’t give you guarantee that a relationship will you better but if you do have money at least you have the resources to question the strain of daily life write your the question to strain your 222 the question against the strains of daily life so that’s what their whole angle is ok

so all of these people are basically using the power of a message to fuel a movement ok the power of a message to fuel movements on this is going to be the theme of a 5 day workshop we’re gonna tap into detect human emotions and tie them all the way back to your your traditional products and services and all that and what is the benefit of a movement limit is go back to my PowerPoint again so basically what is the benefit OK what is the benefit the new improved type 57 typhoid thing is type 4 for the new improved version is basically people don’t buy products they buy a better version of themselves and as it is in the economy is a glut over feeling over supply of products and services and certified professionals and degree holders and classified work force and all of that ok

so you are in economy where you are a number of your product or services just one among hundreds of thousands and every day when a customer wakes up when a prospective customer or client wakes up you are a small clip of a data point among tons and tons of algorithmic data that they are subjected to whether it’s from Facebook for YouTube on TV or you know stopping the kids off to school there are thousands and thousands of thoughts in their mind OK so the fact that you have a product that you bring it to their attention is now on guarantee that you do any revenue that you make any sales or whatever ok

but if you understand this basic thing that people are not interested in a product or service people are interested in a better version of themselves ok now you see how malkansview the trading people are saying you can get a better version of yourself if you master this art of trading is one of the many hearts that you can master you can master real estate you can master Bitcoin you can master doing business my messages you should learn how to do your own marketing at present your own personal brand that is my message it will create a better version of you that is my message to you and similarly lady boss is saying you know is the better version of you will result from your health and then they have lots of

What is the new improved model is people don’t buy a home care about your product but they care about a better version of themselves so if you have a story to tag along village if you follow long journey which is hi I am doing this one to come along with me which is some aspects of the Dandy Mata you know the Gandhiji is message that I spoke about ok and then this is a lifelong service once people get attached to you you know malkansview is going to serve them for life right lady boss is on a server that clients for Life OK so this is much more in depth than near transaction is not about by my supplement and that said you can go to chemist for their hundred loss supplements get over you can buy them ok

but what you get when you deal with lady Boss you become part of something and there are also on the same journey and caitlin wakes up every 10 share the same challenge was to eat junk food and she was promised the gym Nobody’s perfect right but she is fighting that challenge everyday and where there with the Rashi is there with us and all of that right when I say are so ke she is the movement in mainly about ladies but I would like to follow that movement because I am health but myself right so that is the that is a power of a movement that is the power of a message and that is what we’re gonna build out in the next five days so I hope you like this video if you did like this video I would really love it if you could go back in email reply back to the e-mail is sent you and save and this is what were your biggest take away and I look forward to seeing you in the challenge and we’re in it together my friend.

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