How To Not Make A Fool Of Yourself?

Hi there this is Rajat from Startup Frat. If you’re a small business owner who’s in charge of your home sales and marketing for your the Boston Universal sales person or if you are a certified professional with their own practice with me your internal profit and loss for your performance market like the network marketing affiliate marketing on any kind of third party bike selling mutual fund LIC real estate at 17 if you are in charge of making the sale getting the money out getting a degree of Band and what are the big mistakes that I’ve been seeing

people make especially while transitioning from more traditional marketing models over to the new market in model what is traditional marketing model was you could not really control how many people actually came to your site or so you would only do things like make sure that your store your shop for your office is in the countries in the city’s top commercial area like the Connaught Place of your city near MG road of your city so that they would be more football or what you do is you want just for and create something called.

Samajik Pratishthan social approval by being seen with different politicians and inputting the WhatsApp DP size value not please please reply me so I must be good for putting up your name from the word into something that putting flyers in newspaper uh uh something that which is called display advertising for all of these here to virgin proving your social social image in the hope that business would come to you on this worked in the old time in today’s time and it doesn’t really work all of us know that you are transitioning your business from that type of business sales and marketing efforts to the new sales and marketing effort intermod direct response urine problem Facebook add something is biggest problems that we

have seen people doing some of whom are our customers about eight customers in our academic programs or services customer for our for agency who provide services to or even other people we get keep getting emails from people asking for clarity be more than happy to provided we see a lot of comments on our Facebook and YouTube channels and in most cases between driver provide some clarity of point you in the direction of the right risod however from the big think that the standard showing the weight like I’d like to just addressed

by the means of this video this video about someone to be highly controversial so I’ll probably get like a lot of hate comments something that does spotify not to worry but the idea is to provide some clarity which will give you some improvements and given a flight to percent of you guys were watching this durable and you get like some Windows opening in your brain I would consider that I have done good service now really quick If You’re watching this with you anywhere outside our Facebook fans about the staff and Facebook Hand off then

you need to head over to Facebook Star Club power supply Facebook take you to a group on Facebook but as 20000 plus members and all the most exciting stuff happen in their ok its private you can ask questions around anything relating Kansas and profit and pink Palazzo the privacy level is verified response level very fast because I personally respond to all the comments and some of the best of freebies season discount for our page program

I will not the main person I was 5 directors and so on everything Surfers a large team that built this company and error theory from nearly zero revenues all the way up to 200 crores in annual revenues and then we were able to select in selected value for 500 rupees does bringing 100 crore rupees of taxes and foreign exchange rate India something that I am very proud of cycle saying that but the story is very important because my so you’re not in 2010 12 9 years Bank 2012-13 ICU said that we need to hire from Stanford Subah hiring from US Android from Stanford and he told me Especially to fly around the US of any said you’re gonna be spared in that hiring operation new hire from top colleges light stand fo

something you know you are the person was to do a cell job on the candidates with all the candidates they have the choice of working and working for Facebook and Google and all that and our company Devli fires a small company in that regard to I had to do a cell is often these fellows and Stanford is in your own Stanford is a multicultural all in a lot of people from all over the world coming study were there any on HP plotter American citizens but they belong to different ethnicities diversity to you have lots of Chinese students for Indian

students Indian students Sairam Goodwill Indian Navy is there always the brightest in the always get into the top colleges and their students from other parts Europe Africa what was that if you ever ask a person from Chinese Origin who was that

What do you want to do after this degree they would almost always say that almost always me the body 85% location that I want to learn the best business practices the latest education go back to China and startup business ideas for new dabaspet to ask lot of people like us I want to get very highly educated and that I want to work in the US and then obviously I want to help my country was and in foreign exchange over there are things that which is totally fine no problem ok no difference would always take the harder they can

take the knowledge and implement it in my own fashion in my own industry in my own country and their people who were restaurant owners people of restaurants and their taken student loan to come out to the US do I am involved in running chain of restaurants in as compared mostly a few basic hello there was a very very good at running restaurant for Hotel Management Company ok ok now this may be pepper because on the other side I am very proud to disclose to you that most of the venture capital money that is going in California I

would say like a majority single largest molarity is that of Indians in venture capital is famous Indian people who went to the US state in the US from Evil for other companies in Europe many days founder of venture capital money and our funding love him in the US many of them were also not coming to India and farming companies in India with the source of pride and everything but right now a few small entrepreneurs and small scale on the condition we have no money no antecedent you know and you have a choice of looking for somebody

else in America coming back to your own country most people would choose working for some years in America which is great now for the problem if you see that China would you call the journey to China journey to Fortune started in the 17 ok and then they had a manufacturing bone that lasted from the 19 19 19 2 2020 latest this started in 1784 nation 279 they work hard to get themselves out of it 90 is the hit hit the street and on 19-2-2020 the nelli nelli vitamin the second biggest economy in the world cup India Art in the 17th very poor

country from 1974 onwards it’s been started growing from 1974 2018 always been an upward and in the 19th of the electronic book just like in China during the manufacturing Bom in Indian electronic of computer industry boom and then here we are at Leicester 2020 2021 whatever the thing the rate of growth of both the economy has been wearing different this is

rapidly becoming the world many times that of India and India has also grown by it has not grown to the same standards and that’s a big problem DB from some people may be found and say when we came from nowhere and by all kinds of people including the presentation of at and you know we were ruled by corrupt politicians from very long and then you know the story of I was a victim Kanna vesi of great Android

Dil Dil is called to the least risky part of the money triangle for the money journey ok on the commercial the commercial market Delhi to the Indians to risky part and the most technical and always do something that can easily source or can be easily some employers can be really hard for dad or something like that but still trying to master all the stuff that is relevant and not pivotal OK when the most pivotal staff there always you know shy away from that and that is one reason why is 5000 near road to glory that people talked for a not

glorious today we have a chance to be glorious today but will not because we lost in 5000 Glory is but not doing the stuff that needs to be done today and I’ll tell you what needs to be done in your business and if you just listen to me you know you can have a sea change in the next three months looking using knowledge is not very much of a business can offer video angle of the business videos you know where I can get 50000 rupees urgently Forever and Always techniques and pull it off for one technique and one time nahin only if not the

standard grade you don’t understand it my friends will be lost call to the bottle is equal to the bottom just remember this and want to give you exact scenario what what I mean and give us relations s and also not

Power for us in the past level level I have a mentor who is also India’s number one digital marketer actually taught me a lot digital marketing the last one year and that had been able to take my and corporate consulting business online and also accommodate individual people and small business owners or otherwise in last year did the lockdown our not not respond

to any email firewall in email not summary saying I have a restaurant which is not getting profitable can you help me a some some hello VC now adopted the small that is out in help me and I will not even respond to emails with all my bed at the corporate level that I said just a waste of my time but then I found a account through showed me how you can describe

your knowledge thus reducing the bill rates so you can accommodate lots of individuals on the vineyards are private practice Gai dukan individual performance marketing dialect multi level marketing as an affiliate marketer announce its so he has the same I need ses don’t put cheap on your road to get message don’t want cheap near road to Leh

My life because I cannot have money exchange careers for many of you would probably be annoyed my story I am Top class medical degree from Top class medical college government hospital then I decided to quit the medical industry and hold time in the sales and marketing really bothered me that you know we had an over supply of doctors in the medical industry and I wanted to go somewhere I have a nice moved into sales and marketing double my story animated because

But don’t BCG give example of real life example of how you can also some people say you are Anti National usse in all these things and all that but when it before the age of 35 minut built by financial retirement before the age of 35 I had a choice to settle in America India and address come back to India and hello appear and provide my contribution and that parturition originate from a little more than the people who is this video so I don’t mind is ok ok

I had a choice to settle in America Indiana Jones come back to India and third year and provide my contribution and that contribution as in length from the little more than the people who comment negatively always please am your so I don’t mind is ok ok then

20 year to work as an outlaw somewhere else and which where we also went great companies or otherwise but some stories that we can also learn from the product doesn’t sell sell through three things to remember and three reasons why India is lower than China and and submit thread to India is a big threat to you if you are into business and if you are a part of this India’s self-reliance entrepreneurship journey you will craft the story story of this Nation’s success or your craft the story of this Nation’s failures the choice is up to you to decide

ok so number one day we’ll always fall to the bottom and to the easiest possible thing that can be done always under the Garb of being highly educated highly educated people like computer engineers and top and cells are used as to the lowest for it worth to do in this industry and I have you want to the low quality of the high quality work second thing she ok I would say is fine if you put it here in their PC game download for 211 with the main point is lost ok and then remember your product as well whatever your product is it doesn’t matter

now let’s come to the higher in area and what are the low impact area in business there are two types of work that requires your attention is pertinent ok and other is pivotal some people say there is urgent work and there is important work for them the plane and in a Startup everything is earned and improvement in your practice everything is urgent if your

business is recovering post it’s not everything is origin of the word something very important in sector and set difference between staff that is 49 and that needs to be the stuff that it was not the effective business absolutely lots of different moving things as if that stuff was not done it would effectively as negative and then the stuff that is there is a bottle like this in the concerns of what sorry of you more of the stuff that’s gonna get you 80% top 40% of the work that if you prove that are you would make no profits whatsoever that is fever

affect the type of thing that you got that you are removed from at for even months s your business with Safa ok is this sort of thing that is business for you will never realised by your business is suffering and by the time they realise in 3 months later six months late it is already been to delete everything else is there

Hotel Park and make a cross over here and there is a journey journey here is a money ok is the point of cash exchange money is exchanged between somebody was a stranger than yesterday but now become job customer ok point of money exchange cash change this is the pivotal point This is the most important point of this make a star the place where the

money is exchange for the first time it customer was a stranger in yesterday makes you their very first payment and by their very first product at your business provides providing the very first thing is a service that catch 16 point is the most beautiful point ok now the customer care near me near OK your business is like a straight line ok the father you from this point from this cash exchange point forward or backward is less and less water less and less period they are all pertinent if you take a while on any of them something for my problem but consistently this is the most important thing that any owner of business on the score of business marketing the auto sale at OK Google what you are your business this is where

you had arrived at all times is the party to yourself from many long years before you can actually died in the route 47 from this point the lesson and what is what is ahead of this the customer makes the very first payment and then they have to offer SBI get top class customer support customer reviews customer advocacy what level does testimonials and all of

that stuff so they have to get customer delight so that they can give you a customer review or testimonials something that’s customer support very very important one stage removed from this one stage removed from this part the second thing is this customer happy develop more products do you need to have in constantly with building more and more products on building more and more products which would be 2nd year back and products or whatever the cause of constantly WhatsApp customer has been used to doing business with you if you

want to get them more and more reasons to spend more money at your place so these products are there for product portfolio I call them product portfolio ok this is true special remove very very important to special removed from this point ok this is true special remove very very important to special remove from this point

The point where taken once the customer advocacy that they spend more and more money on a product

Something that happened before this this is the cash exchange on this is where you shake hands with the sales closing you don’t the meeting reaction to the closing the sales meeting over the cache is the most perverted this and it has to be super sweet and super sexy and the customer should enjoy this fall meeting that the room with you and open the windows of the mind and there should be no point with cash immediately after the most point not there is something that happens before that which is part reframing this that advertising

What is the most important point and everything Two Steps removed is less and less important OK then you have stuff like like cost cutting ok tell you are going to cost cutting mode if this is not fit this is not fix this is not fixed this is not fit this is not fake ok so cost costing in everything in your

Online how do you do this webinar how do you do like that calls or even selling on the telephone things like that to take part in the most important this is all lesson lesson lesson what is not going to the point where their fallen to the bottom of the chain the news most useless software air software the latest cool tools you know and all this stuff whether you should

know Instagram versus LinkedIn versus Facebook versus YouTube what camera using you return method these things don’t matter you don’t have to specialise in the staff and all that mattered most cell phones today I was stupid nice camera nose laptop sell very good camera it doesn’t matter if you have a traffic camera nobody cares a long as you can see broadly was written on the board and sure most people If You’re watching this on YouTube won’t even be looking at the radio on a body that that’s one thing if your making videos by a

marketing abe reframing audio should be clear and work problems but most of this stuff what software is used like how do you do the lighting what can use like most of the stuff doesn’t matter here the light should be in front of your face 20 miles whatever night you have to be proud of you are not behind so that these can be seen whatever the most

I was recently asked when 11 of are you know that cool idea that we don’t really need to use landing page software anymore what landing place of IT book in any landing page of 1200 dollars a month for clickfunnels no problem we have a landing page software na cal is exclusively available only to our family members Boss 2000 rupees a month like how she

will be one of the moment I just learnt that you can build these landing pages for free on WordPress and why do we use that one decision is smarter than the other but it’s not going to be a digital marketing agency in your business you want to become a digital marketing agency them out and these things all these things but if you are a business if you are a doctor lawyer Chartered Accountant after you know you want you want to grow your practice planning wale software if you are a small business like you are you have a spell on you have

would you call you have a travel agency of a restaurant with matter what planet is software used just use whatever but if you waste your time in mast film landing page software Facebook Ads for that matter understanding how to fix this point how to do pre-training properly Outlook customer support and beauty products customers can buy again and again property then there is a problem you are called to the to the grave of businesses who lost focus and they became experts in Facebook ads and landing pages and WhatsApp classes that the killer Rider WhatsApp become a digital marketing agency

You call to the to the graveyard of houses of businesses who lost focus and they became experts in Facebook ads and landing pages and WhatsApp classes that some of the killer write the WhatsApp you become our digital marketing agency yourself there is no point learning disturb me garai ok I am in our academic programs people can come and take the reason we have Academy program is before they get our service is taken take out and hopefully come to the conclusion that is not worth your time to do it for you in the last one year of

operation in the retail operation for small business as 24 25 lakhpati case studies and one Crorepati case study and you know what that Crorepati told me in the very first consultation call that he had with me I saw the program Inside Out I love it I want to do it myself I have a gai can I get my guide to log into the Academy to the learning program and fix it for me that rule for me Amla capsule clearing give me the lies email address I’ll give you another licence so that he can log in and do it for you don’t Apple or the highest earning person who has ever used a program to make a photo for cloth problem of school super cool water do I need to do it myself and I have to it you want to go to fibre and become one of those

freelancers to provide this service is an absolutely cannot do this but this technique is used in the understanding of most good business owners P plazas mind screwed trying to understand 10 Technology every other day what the hell there is one Technologies and everybody uses and Ashu you need to understand to play that you need to know video because that’s the simplest way to get your message across not his God graphic at the knowledge that they’ll get the message across video all my hands and video and that’s just needs PPT into the camera plane inside if people does great then click become a better now don’t know what of graphics is not change the fact that don’t understand what your product does

invite your your your prospective buyer to Ke Fall to the don’t want to the bottom and learn most useless skills that you can pay somebody 12000 rupees earn money through point are you can literally also some would have somebody M land free hosting costs money the reason that you can stand 20,000 visitors per day to the page Video you can embed your video here it has a headline headline

Public speaking the first thing I did when I put my medical after the first thing I learnt how to do public speaking was that increase your confidence in make you better communicate I need to be a better communicate astronomy in sales or in entrepreneurship communication skills in order to effective sales of sales page sales growth is absolutely learn how to make crazy videos that brief render prospect absolutely not to create new and new products in New York was a problem if not done business with us in the early days Consulting calls and this doctor sahab battery 2017 call me and what I need to do to become the section prove you know the government has told me and my patients are losing their suffering.

I have been there for three months and on the shop download happy I said forget about these patients was when I was a lot of fun you can create them except what are you doing about the people who had never been to do business with you ever what are you doing to serve them is like that can make people sit with a w a i said no but you can make them healthy if they are not stick to the number one reason that people to do business with.

So that they never happened to business should you again if you are a doctor I have a brand that sell them to you how to be healthy in the comfort of your own house so that you never have to come to me for a sick you know for consultation does the number one reason why top 1 number one thing that the doctor should be doing a branding prepayment you forever news live concert people online a program that give them six pack ad music cholesterol reduce blood sugar level happily pay you for it.

So that they never have to consult your for diabetes tomorrow then the doctor sahab said why would I do this stuff because it means Mein because our doctor sahab actually place the Diamond is why would I give people advice on how they can reduce fat from any can get that why you know any person less qualified the rate of the thinking that you will not have been gone through that journey don’t need to be followed by a person can give the 202 to do something I am the form below and qualification left and my answer to that was because customers want to hear from you.

Providing the same advice that can be easily got from where else it will be more trustworthy coming from I am really need to build these products so that customers have more more ways to buy from you them more ways to spend money on you I have Amazon create new year and your reasons for you to spend money on Amazon every single day so does really that create your own your reasons why you should spend money on swiggy today create new in your reasons why people spend money on your product lines and you should cost and you doing that I am thinking mastering master Facebook science unless you really want to get into it you should adjust

Little to no Technology I am not Technology whatsoever to to get if if you are in the right to use it right to Indian music speaker without using any technology you can absolutely use email Marketing software as highly recommended there is only one email Marketing software in the market the best that get response it if you cannot do you use get response is the best possible 2018 use room everybody the word used as to why would you do identified used 2002 very very important to your what your product actually does and what you think your product made to the prospect of three different things ok.

Only one of themselves and that is what the prospect things the product means to the problem here you are you here the product and the prospect you are here prospect things the product the something for them product actually does something for them and what you market for the product does something for the prospect of three different thing you need to have resonance between easily it does matter in the same month different from the first jumping over roofs and all of that stuff to catch a falling bottle or Pepsi because whatever ok a week later UCN ad with Yuvraj Singh six sixes and

Then I think like a Pepsi was something ok and then you will find this girl who want to defy this thing for the society by drinking Pepsi and soil ok all of these three years three different markets OK what does Pepsi actually do caffeine propagation energy of Prashant Honda time and sugar taste producer and give your little bit of your heart but each of these three as there is indifferent customer who has been targeted for a different reason when a young person especially these by Pepsi next in their mind their define society does that have anything

To do with the drain the answer is no boy is being better types especially in the Teens and all that trying to be Akshay Kumar and their own little way you are getting a Pepsi gives them the gogeta feeling doesn’t have anything to do with the product so what these guys are doing is there from different different messages by which the same product can fulfill wild need inside the prospects mind that we have no sense whatsoever thoughtful why do people buy sports you know brand brand new open top red colour sports cars

To attract the opposite sex plain simple the only reason why people buy cars like that there are no rules in India made in India to be able to sustain speeds and everybody by the two different types of show of one is called replication is the wire need inside assembly and a looking for a made in the locate a sample of the opposite sex while inside your DNA you can send them on the market price 2 goals ostensibly performs better water and then there is a need for comfort comfort conformity and class somebody was achieved something life for 3 year old morning loser Whatsapp pay right.

They want to look better 10% better than the other people on their early in their Housing Society or in their officer from another reason they buy this sports car does have no meaning and does not need to have any relation with hero with the what are the reason for spiral binding for it needs to feel certain psychological need that potentially already exists in the in the person’s mind as Long the product fulfill that need you can charge any problem for any amount of time for any number from where is ok now how does your product fall into itself Rakshak Rai won’t be able to go into a pertaining to affiliate marketing the one thing that really sets me after this whole affiliate marketing industry ok.

Now United States me office not that I am impressed that industry I am made by retirement from that industry live performance marketing was our industry where we built an entire company that prove that two hundred different companies products use Salim and promoting products for more than 250 clients so liver specialist in performance marketing but when I see near New York you can software by putting the ceiling and and promote and review YouTube video was something that these are useless technicalities that’s not the way you breathe business of figuring out how and what problem solve in the customer’s mine and computer message from affiliate marketing is a lot of people

Who made the opportunity during Basoda angry with you but there is no there is no Trigger that is it in the prospect mind is useless technicalities of this link and intellect meaning can others affiliate link and their product review and this use best ok there are 4 reasons why people the prospects that your that you are talking to Delhi to qualify themselves in your eyes they need to first clarify to you and you need to ask a question on that what what we lizard why do they need the nail if they want to make money by the want to make money why

you wanna make money or outside of their job the jobs play paint them now I have to do something else we go to fibre beta freelancer you can make money while you do something else taken for sanitary shop do something I know I want to work from the comfort of my computer why you want to do that I have a small child and I hate you have to get up and go to office and we are inform to China for India

Prospectus to take exam and ask for your help prospect has to come to you and say I need your help so that you become the authority figure in the interaction just like in a river river never grows from place of high voltage from place of low altitude place of Hyatt place Goa only one of flow from place of altitude hold you always flows from place of authority in the market from any process

Create a process flow method for finding the interaction the prospective to come to us and ask for help and you need to verify that the couple of extra steps just so you are able to qualify for Speed property agency everybody wants to be rich to be rich

Call of the promise of that dream in the future but nobody wants to do it now ok in marketing research everybody wants to go to heaven nobody wants to die so what is the good reason that they should take the step today tonight you know they tied to Mysore tomorrow tonight today OK what is the reason of the if you don’t build these into your free framing into your well whatever you doing then you cannot third party only

Use in Star Plus program you can go over to start right dot club for flash retina club for flash and I think it shortly you can sign up for this is something that interest you and absolutely 111 it’s the end of that you will also get the option to learn all the stuff from US and serve you must not all of this stuff from somebody has already but we are doing with the absolute best way we can get your process that I will something lacking in your learning and if traditional affiliate marketing material not working for you if the techniques of 20 years back and

not working for you right now new techniques new information leave mail 3 machine cannot attain zero 230 days or less used in no plate no or related to an unpaid software and having a advertising budget of probably 5000 rupees a month ok then you should check out your make me lion that webinar the staff and club/in our staff writer club power supplies blood to the next video.

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