Earn Big with Consulting Business

If you are a business owner who wants to supercharge their profit levels, if you are a corporate professional, sick and tired of the job and are looking for other options, if you are an independent professional, doctor, lawyer, or chartered accountant who’s lost in a portion of other such professionals, you want to set yourself apart, or if you’re just a normal person who wanted to learn a lot about business, but all these complex terminologies scared you, then you are at the right place. What we’re going to discuss is how to supercharge your profits using wrappers.

How to Wrap your Business

Imagine the core of your business, whatever business you’re into and for people who don’t have a business, not to worry. This is your practice if you are an independent professional like a doctor, lawyer, or chartered accountant. We are going to discuss adding layers to it, adding layers to the core of your business.

So first, what we’re going to do is we’re going to add a wrap around your product or service. We’re not going to say, this is what I do, this is what I produced, this is what I sell, and this is what I retail. What I do know is we’re not going to do that. What we’re going to do is be able to add a wrapper.

And this wrapper is only going to talk about the benefits that you have, that your customer or prospective customer gets out of your product or service. For example, if you are a chartered accountant, who specializes in helping companies manage, or if you’re into risk management and compliance, what you’re going to be talking about is “Hey, these are the ten areas in which the new laws affect normal businesses, and these are the gaps where you don’t get into compliance issues.” What we’re going to be doing is we’re going to create a message out of it.

Your Business Message

If you are in my hangout group on Facebook, you realize that you hardly know anything about me, but over the last few weeks, my message has resonated with all of you. So that’s why you and I are becoming friends over a period of time.

What you’re going to do is you want to send out a message. This message is going to educate people about this wrapper or this benefit. So you’re going to get this message. You can do it for free via Facebook. This message will start drawing eyeballs and out of these eyeballs, some people will be motivated to buy your product or service. Now imagine that your product sells at 100 rupees and it’s like a 20% profit product. You provide a service for 100 rupees, or you provide a product, and it takes 100 rupees, but the cost of that product was 80 rupees. The rest, 20 rupees, is your profit. You carry home a profit of 20 rupees. These are just exemplary figures.

What you’re going to do is not only this messaging, which is low cost or free, but this will add to the number of eyeballs to your business. You’re going to be paid to create this message and send it out. You’re going to get paid ranging from 999 to 9999 to provide this message, to educate the customer to buy your service. You’re going to get paid 999 to 9999 rupees for your service. That is the price range. So that is the kind of price range that people buy online, and you’re going online with this. More than maybe 10,000 of these people don’t buy online so much in India, but you can easily do this stuff. We are going to be talking about how I’ve helped other people to do it and how it can help you as well. You’re going to send out this message, and it will add customers that did not exist before.

These customers are going to pay you to understand the benefit of your product and service. Once you bring the customers in with your message, you open the wrapper and get them into your product and service. Not only that, many of these people will be motivated and ask you exactly how they can do the stuff for themselves.

You’re into a production type business, and a lot of your competitors are hurting. They come to you, and they say, I would really love to understand how and what to do. What you’re going to do is you’re going to provide them consulting. These could be prospective clients, who’ll ask a lot of questions and they can before they spend the lacs of rupees. Will you need to understand how this whole thing works? You’re going to provide them with some consulting. This could be on-site consulting or one-on-one consulting. You’re going to get paid, ranging from 40,000 rupees to about 1.5 lakh rupees.

The time to deliver this training or this consulting would be approximately 4 hours to 12 hours. The funny thing is that while actually providing the product or service, you make only 20% profit, but while providing this consulting, you make a hundred percent profit because there is literally no cost apart from the cost of your time, which is significant, but there is no hard cost to this.

How will you earn a big Profit?

The fun thing is you need to create it once, but it keeps selling forever. What is the maintenance to maintain this digital ecosystem? Now it may seem that 999 Rupees is too less to charge for something that costs 2000 Rupees to deliver. But this is a flat rate, and this is unlimited. Potentially if a hundred people buy this product at 999, you’ve got 999 times a hundred. You just collected a lac rupees for something that cost you ranging from 2,000 or 20,000. You deliver this product or service of 20,000, and the rest is your profit. That’s 80% profit.

This is a 100% to the 20% profit. Suddenly, you’re not only in the business of providing this product and service, you’re in the business of providing the messaging and providing the consulting around this product and service.

Case Study of Vaibhav

There’s a case study where Vebhav sets up a photography business, and his photography deals would be at about 15,000 rupees. It would cost him in terms of men and material about 10,000 rupees to deliver. He only makes about 5,000 rupees in profit. Now, he’s become a visual evangelist. He now consults businesses on how to set up with their own personal brand, and he charges 30,000 rupees here. This is a 100% profit. The photography job’s profit is 30% because it cost him ten thousand to deliver the service. He makes only 5,000 rupees off of it. He makes all the 30,000 in profit. Now his package is 45,000, and out of that, 35,000 is his profit, which is close to 70% profit.

He has doubled or tripled his tickets. The profit margin has gone from 30% to 70%. How would you like to do that? How would you like to triple your ticket size into the total revenue and make a 70% profit on all of that?

Affiliate Marketing

People say they are just looking. They want to get into their own business, but they don’t have a product or service. So what do they do? Well, what you do is, I’ll introduce you to something called marketplaces where 83% of all the companies in the world, including India, provide any product or service and actually looking for promotional partners. So you can build “the message,” it takes only one week to build. If you can build this and get the eyeballs, 83% of all the product and service providers in the world will be willing to pay you, ranging from 30% to 70% of all their profits to get the customer. That concept is called affiliate marketing.

Case Study of Kritika

There’s another case study of a girl named Kritika who had an Instagram account. She had a bunch of following, but she’s not making any money from it. She got my help for three months, and today, she makes one and a half lac rupees a month. By getting into a marketplace that I introduced her to and forming alliances with companies that resonate with her message, her followers and subscribers are only happy because she is a specialist in that area. So they trust her advice. And they only want to do business with companies and products and services that she recommends. So she gains good Karma points from her subscribers, who are the buyers, and from the suppliers as well. Total income of one and a half lakh rupees, and she’s only 19 years old.


Did you realize that you will be at the highest level of the influence Spectrum if you set your ecosystem up? The influence spectrum in which we speak about the five levels of influence. If you set up three layers of business that not only go together in a harmonious fashion but actually feed into each other. You set up a digital or business ecosystem, which is very hard to get out of. Think about Amazon and Apple. The subscribers don’t want to leave them. So build your own ecosystem.

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