Get A Move On And Change Your Life

Sometimes you see people in foreign countries, especially in developed countries, they are always on the move. You don’t see people hanging around, chit-chatting, in the middle of the day, or even on weekends. Their time with their family and friends is budgeted. You can see them moving, and they are always on the move. One of the reasons is that life is pretty complicated.

It is not as easy as in India or someplace where you have somebody making your food for you, somebody cleaning your house, washing your car early in the morning. You have to do it all yourself here, which basically means they have to fill up their calendar with a bunch of things to do. They have to be on the move at all times.

There is always something that has to be done. They are always going at it. All of the other stuff – their time with friends, their time with family, is budgeted.

My point is that life is not going to change for you on its own. There’s not going to be a single flip of the switch that changes your life. You have to change your life by filling up your calendar with enough positive things to do so that your average, middle-class existence fades away in the background, with so much new stuff happening that pushes you or pulls you and forces you in the right direction. Over a period of time, the compounding effect of all those positive actions that you are doing will probably change your life. You got to be on the move.

You got to fill up your calendar with so many things like Grant Cardone says, even if you can’t end up doing maybe half of those things, you fill up your calendar with. You should always overextend your calendar with hundred different things going in the right direction towards the life you want. That’s how life will change with the compound return of all those things, even if you can’t operate at the speed you planned or wish you would. Even if half of those things you planned don’t go right, you got to overpack your calendar with many new things. A bunch of new things that take you in the right direction. That’s what is going to add up to your new life.

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