Limit the People who Know your Offer

Our usual mentality is tied down to proving that you’re better. If you are an employee, you need to consistently prove that you’re better in order to stay on the job. Otherwise, somebody else gets promoted instead of you. If you’re a small business owner, you have to keep proving that your product is good. Otherwise, you’ll lose your customers.

What Customers are looking for?

However, in a down market, customers are not really subconsciously looking at better people; they’re looking at the right people. When you say you’re better, the customer thinks there has to be someone above that level. There has to be a premium. They must be more expensive.

What you need to do?

The moment you say I’m better, the thoughts going in their mind is let me meet them, then based on whatever they tell me, I’ll go out into the market and find somebody cheaper. Proving that you’re better or your product is better may not always be the best idea. But what I recommend is to get the word to enough number of people that resonate with you. You need to get your message to reach a maximum number of people, and if they show interest, you get them into a compressed format, in a compressed time frame of 2 hours max.

Demand-Supply Call

You have all of these people who’re interested in your product, you take them through a process, and this process is called the demand-supply meeting, in which you say this is what you need. This is the problem you have. And this is what I’m supplying. This is how I can help you. And you make them take a decision within a space of 1-2 hours as yes or no.

Express Highway Approach

You go through this target market in a pre-program fashion instead of just sitting back and saying I’m the best and then waiting for the business to come to you. You need to go after the business, not the customer. Do not change the customer; just figure out how many people are interested and get them into the demand-supply call or meeting, which I call the Express Highway. That’s because you take people on a journey; they’ll have to pay the toll on the way. If they don’t want to pay the toll, they can exit anytime. So, at the end of this meeting, they have to take a decision, either yes or no, and at a price point that you determine. A price point you have created so that it’s fair to them, that adjusts to some of their problems, and a price that is profitable to you as well.

Get your Message Out and Involve People in Meetings Repeatedly

Now you need to do several repetitions of “get your message out” and “meeting with customers,” so you make more money than you’re making otherwise. You’ll have to learn this concept. It will probably take 1 to 2 months to master it. Both these things have to be done right; when you attract people, that has to be done right, and when you go into a meeting with people who’re interested, that has to be done right. Both these points have to be crafted perfectly for it to work.

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