How to Sell Your Product & Services?

What we’ve spoken about so far is having a system that does the selling for you rather than you going all out and doing the numbers game. So sales getting business in the market is a numbers game. If you are an independent professional or corporate professional, if you’re not into business, or a salesperson or marketing person, this may seem like a shock to you, but you need to develop your sales and marketing skills. Because in this economy, if you don’t sell for yourself, nobody else will sell for you. Regardless of what profession you are from, you are at a great risk right now. The market is down, and it’s going to stay down for a while.

You need to quickly figure out how to get into a position where you have a selling system that’s constantly bringing your customers and bringing you money and income, rather than just waiting and saying, hey, I have a skill set, I am a doctor, lawyer or architect so pay me, all of that stuff is going to go away real soon. You must have seen the signs by now.

You create a system where your prospect or customer basically comes in through one side. Then they go through a series of processes where they self-qualify themselves all the way to your product. And then hopefully they pay you. So that’s pretty much the concept.

There’s something called a sales funnel. Sales and marketing professionals call it a sales funnel. In the online marketing world, they call it an online marketing funnel. The whole thing is the sales process.

I’ll tell you a story. Last week, I bought two courses from two separate people. One of whom is an online marketer starting out. He claimed that he is extremely good at Facebook ads and that the stuff will teach you 99% of what the world doesn’t even know. The other person is one of the top 10 Indian digital marketers. He claimed that he could teach stuff about Facebook ads that nobody knows. I thought I probably needed to learn a little more about Facebook.

One person said that the thing was worth 599 rupees, and I clicked on the link and went inside. So this is a guy who claims that he knows more about Facebook ads than anybody else. And he is getting that message across to me via Facebook ad about his Facebook ads course. When I clicked on the thing, I went inside, and he said the course was worth 899. So, I messaged him, saying, hey, what is it? 599 or 899 because I see different figures. Then he reached out to me back saying, oh, sorry, it is 599. Why don’t you go and pay over here? And then I realized maybe this person has been trying to sell this course for 899 and is not selling. That’s why they lowered the price. Why would they lower their price because maybe it’s not selling? Then I go inside. And I attended the course, and I have found that I pretty much knew everything they were trying to teach. And when I say, I knew, it means everybody knows because I am usually the last person on the planet to know anything about technology.

That got me thinking, all of these smart online marketing people are going to be finished in the coming years. Some of them have good knowledge but are still not effective.

Assembly line

This thing is like an assembly line. So Henry Ford, the chairman of Ford Motor Company, what did he invent? People say cars. But no, he didn’t invent cars. What he invented was a system to produce cars at a speed that everybody in the world could buy Cars.

What he created was the assembly line. Some people were making the Rolls-Royce. It used to take six months to make a Rolls-Royce only because it was so custom designer and was expensive. Only the richest of the rich could afford them. Then Henry Ford figured out this (Vehicle) is so useful that everybody should be using it, but not everybody can afford it.

What he did was he created a machine called the assembly line, which belted out these cars so fast that due to an oversupply in the market, the price fell where you wanted it. And he said, there is only one rule, you can have any color you want as long as it’s black. He started mass-producing those cars and created a huge industry, the car industry. The politicians were forced to pass laws that said the government should build more roads because many people now have cars. The government was forced to pass laws that said we need to get some of these horses off the road because all they’re doing is putting that dung on the road, and it’s not healthy for anyone. There’s infection everywhere. So we need to build more roads and have fewer horses.

How Henry Ford Changed the Mentality?

So Ford changed the game, and today, it stands changed because he built an assembly line. The only difference is that he created an assembly line after understanding what was going on in the market. He said people need cars, and they want cars except that they don’t realize it. If you ask a customer, what would you like? They said a faster horse. So he said, I need to change the picture in the customer’s mind, and when you go to change the picture in the customer’s mind, the maximum they think about is the Rolls-Royce, and they say it’s too much.

Two Things about the Market

I’m going to give you four steps on how you can do that. Then the whole thing will come into focus for you. All of these people are doing this online marketing funnel, and the sales funnel, they don’t realize two things about what the market is. The first thing is that a market is basically a person. So you got to think of it as a person. When you put your message out, it is going to reach a person. So if you don’t have the market mentality that Henry Ford had, if I don’t change the picture in their mind, they will always want a faster horse. You need to have a market-conscious mentality.

The second thing was that the assembly line would not run itself. People were running it. Some people would put wheels on it, and some put other parts on it. The machine would integrate all of it and produce the finished product. So the machine doesn’t run itself. There has to be a human element to it as well. Except the machine will supercharge the human element and create everything at a thousand times faster than you could create and a thousand times cheaper than you could create.

In the coronavirus time, what happens is that the market has shrunk. The need for you to produce something faster, cheaper, and better has increased. And if you’re there in the market utilizing some of these concepts, you could beat out all the other competitors in the market, including big corporates. Big corporates are hurting because many of these big corporates are still doing things the old way. They are working on logos and brand names, and celebrity endorsements. None of that works anymore. Nobody cares about Amitabh Bachchan coming on TV and selling them stuff. But they care about the human element. They care about you connecting with them.

So how does the whole thing work? The issue with all of these online marketers is they’re not able to do anything. When you go on Facebook, everybody’s trying to slap you with some online funnel, some Facebook ads course.

I attended a 3-hour long webinar with one of India’s top online marketers, somebody I used to have a lot of respect for. I was like, if this is what you’re doing, you’re not going to last long; at least after one year when I am in the game, you won’t last long.

What these online marketer fellows are doing is they don’t understand what the toolset does. And if they don’t understand all the applications of the toolset, how can it help someone? Similarly with you and your product and your qualification and your 15 years of experience, if you don’t understand what it does and how it can help someone and if you cannot change the picture in the mind of your customer, then your toolset and your 15 years of experience and your hotshot degree are going to be as useless as all these online marketers trying to sell their funnel stuff.

Four Questions that you must know the answer of

What has happened in the market is it has shrunk. People are not going out anymore. People are not spending money anymore. The trust levels in the market are zero, and nobody wants to spend any money. The only place people are spending money is the grocery store or the local chemist. That’s it. Not you, not your business. So what are the things you need to solve? What are the pictures you need to change in the mind of your customers first?

  1. What is it that they need?
  2. Why should they spend money on it?
  3. If I were going to spend money in the market, why would I spend it on you?
  4. If they were to spend on something, why should they spend money now?

If you have some online process that does not answer these four questions, there’s no point in doing anything. There’s no point in doing sales and business. There’s no point in being in the market. What are the four things you got to build in your little machine, which you can then outsource or delegate or automate? Let the machine work for you. Then the first question that you got to answer is what is it that they need? Even if they don’t know that they want to need it. The second thing is, why should it be chargeable? Why should they spend money on it? The third thing is, why do they need to spend money on you? And the fourth thing is, why do they need to spend money now or today?

If you can build this whole thing and answer these four questions, you can automate the whole process and let the machine work for you. If you build this thing efficiently and keep the customer in mind, all you need to do is figure out how to get the person here. That’s it.

Typically, in a normal traditional sales process, what happens is you’re going on answering questions. They are going on asking questions about the product. But other things that are going on in their minds are these four questions that are not being answered. They don’t even ask you that because this thing happens subconsciously. Nobody asks you why I should do it now? Why should I spend it with you? In fact, every time you’re pitching the product, the customer is thinking, who else is there in the market is better and cheaper, but they’re not going to ask you that.

All the time, you’re answering a customer’s question and trying to convince them; the more questions you answer for your customers, the more questions they want to have for you. It’s not going to lead anywhere. It’s all going to get into trouble.

So the only answer to every other question is “Haveli pe aa Jana” which means to attend the webinar. When they come to the webinar, it puts them into an assembly line, hopefully answering these four questions. Then they decide whether to buy your product or not. The conversion rates of doing this stuff are 10 times that of doing manual selling. So if your normal conversion rate as a salesperson were 2-4%, you would be able to convert 20 to 40 percent of all the customers you bring to the Haveli.

When they ask you to tell them more about your features, what are the options? Do you have a financing plan? Do you have a pricing plan? I want to ask my wife before I spend. Let me think about it and get back to you. Do you have a visiting card? Give me your visiting card, any of these questions means that they don’t want to do business with you. The answer to everything is Haveli pe aa jana.

That’s when the funnel starts, and hopefully, you answer these four questions; you will get 20 to 40 percent conversions on everybody you bring to the Haveli.

What do people need?

There are six big Industries that are unaffected by Corona. And if your product or service is not about any of those six, you can figure out backdoor entries to put a flavor on your current products and services, so it has that flavor of one of those top six Industries.

The second thing is why people should spend money on it? What typically happens is that when people see your product, what they want to do is research. So they saw your product now, they want to go back and do their research. Where do they go and do their research? They go and do the research on Google or YouTube or wherever. Now what happens is everything that Google tells them takes them away from your product. So what you got to do is provide them all answers that Google is providing them except that you’re going to provide them all those answers in your personal controlled environment.

Even the answers that take them away from your product, which is I don’t want to spend money with you. I want to spend money with somebody else. You should get paid for that.

What Amazon did was Amazon went out to the whole wide world. They found the cheapest possible suppliers for every product in the world and added them to their marketplace. They tell the customer that they don’t need to go to Google and waste their time. They’ll only get confused. Come to Amazon. Not only will you find all the cheapest suppliers. We are going to put all their products on a big comparative shop window. You can compare all of them. Our algorithm will pre-compare all of them and show you all the results so you can actually decide for yourself. Not only that, if you want to place an order with any one of these, you can actually do it inside my controlled environment. Also, place an order with any of these buyers. I will personally take a guarantee that I will collect it from every corner of the world and bring it to your doorstep in 72 hours flat as long as you have a Prime Membership.

Not only do you need to figure out what people want, which is fairly simple in today’s times, but you also need to figure out how to get all of the information to them. All of the toolsets that they can do are for free. And all of the different comparative products, which could also be your competitors over to them inside your controlled environment. So that you make money no matter what, you make money even if they don’t buy it.

Campaign-based selling

Campaign-based selling is what you apply in order to make them decide. If you want it, it’s going to be now or never. This is the main part, not the money machine. It is a good concept but creating a money machine when you don’t know how to operate it is no use—creating an assembly line when you don’t have the spare parts and don’t understand what I want to know. This is why all these top internet marketers from India will be out of business in one year’s time. I can guarantee you that 90% of these top internet marketers will be out of business because there’s a seed of a new breed in the market. That’s people like you and me. In 12 months, we’re going to take out all of these losers, who are schlepping the little online funnels and their Facebook ads. We are going to set up a big ecosystem. We will be the people providing the information, the people providing the toolsets, and the people providing the products.

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