Two Different Kinds Of Core Beliefs Of People

There are two types of people; those who execute through the end and those who lose steam halfway through, then life takes over, and their priorities change. In any kind of endeavor, the results will come through action. And action is driven by feelings. And then feelings are driven by thoughts. Thoughts are guided by our core beliefs. So the core beliefs have to be trained for years with deep focus over time. There are two different kinds of core beliefs of people who go all the way to success and people who lose steam halfway. And I’m going to be talking to you about the two different types.

First Type

Option 1 is a person who says I am not an expert at this.

You need to be an Expert

So first, I need to be an expert. I need to get all of the information under the sun. I need to read all of the different things that are going on the internet, different things that are going on in the intrapreneurship space, read all of the magazines, all of the books, watch all of the videos and do all of the training programs so that people listen to what I have to say tomorrow. A lot of things that we do, our selfie video and community building before we do a business launch, people are like; I’m not an expert, how can I put myself out there? How can I put my message out there? I’m not an expert. So first, I need to become an expert.

Businesses are Personality-Driven

The second thing is they think that because we would be talking a lot about putting yourself out there, although not in the public domain. But at some point, you have to put yourself out there. Today’s businesses are all personality-driven. They are not brand-driven. They are not marketing-driven. They are personality demand-driven, and even the big industrialists are now moving into the personality-driven line.

To give you a perspective, people buy TATA cars today because they want to do business with Ratan TATA. Now Ratan TATA has established himself as a personality by putting himself out there, again and again, coming out with press releases, talking about different things, having that whole patriotic angle, and showing the Tata group’s contributions to even on a nationalistic level in the economy is just so significant. They have established their core theme and their core message. And this is why people want to do business with them.

So in times of strife, when decisions are being taken, the downmarket people gravitate towards the personality they agree with psychologically and say, I want to do business with them. So in today’s times, your business is going to be personality-driven.

Core Belief

People say, hey, I don’t look so good, my English is not so good, my video skills are not so good, or I don’t look so good. I don’t talk so well, I’m not that confident, etc. They think like that. These are the core beliefs driving scary thoughts or confusing feelings and causing you not to take the right action and not reach the result.

We talked about this during the 30-90 day program. It takes only 90 days to go from zero to 100 in today’s time because stuff has become really simple. You can compete with any big brand and any market today and actually come out on top. But during this 90 days stuff, it will go all over the place. Your kids are going to fall sick. You’re going to fall ill. Different things are going to happen. All kinds of emergencies will happen. The universe works that way when you’re trying to make a positive change, which is when the universe will test you. So all of these things are happening. Many people are like, oh suddenly, this whole emergency happened. I agree with you. My heart goes out to you, but this is to be expected. It is the universe’s way of testing you. Then they say that doing things like building a business, or entrepreneurship, or sales or marketing, or doing a bunch of videos, etc., is difficult.

In their mindset, deep inside is like, when the time comes to do the sales, when the time comes to do the selfie video, when the time comes to go to market, they say it’s difficult, so I need to study more. That is what I call afraid of success.

There are some people who are afraid of failure. And then there are some who are afraid of success. So when at the point of executing, when you say, now is the time to make sales, and this is the time to put myself out in the time to get my message out. At that point, if you say, I got to stop. I have to reorganize, get my thoughts organized, and just learn a bunch of our sales and marketing. All the things are given in the Launch program.

We have video courses there, which teach you to become a video expert in two days. But if it takes you more than two days, there is a problem. There is a core belief issue. You may not be afraid of failure, but you may be afraid of success. This usually happens at the last moment, right before the business launch.

Second Type

Option 2 is a person who says I don’t need to be an expert. These are the people who will become successful. People who say I don’t need to be an expert will launch even when they’re not ready. They will launch when things are not perfect. They will launch ahead of time. They say I don’t need to be an expert. Let me go out and try this. And that is the mentality that works very well in today’s market. You don’t need to be super prepared; you need some basic components in place.

So if you’re in the launch program, you have the whole digital product formula. All you need to do is just master that niche clarity blueprint within 5 days and the video production marketing within 5 days, and you’ll be ready.

How much more ready do you want to be? If you say my English is not so good, my videos not so good, trust me, the more imperfect it is, the better you will work because people will gravitate towards you due to the human angle. Remember, if you don’t have the time, this is a priority; create the time.

Self-Sell and Self-Market

People say I’m not good at sales and marketing, which I want to spend five minutes on. They’re going to all kinds of different areas. They say, hey, why don’t I put up my stuff on YouTube? Why don’t I put up my stuff on Coursera? Why don’t I put on my product on Amazon? So, the issue is you don’t want to do your own sales and marketing. Unless you do your own sales and marketing, a product is not going to move because there is a glut of products in the market. Everything that you think is unique is not. There are 100,000 other companies, products, and product movers out there who are moving with similar products under different brands. Just go to Amazon and put what product you have, and you’ll know.

Then check out; there will be at least 100,000 more products. If you think you will price 5 rupees less, the algorithm will price the other ones 10 Rupees less tomorrow. You cannot compete with the Amazon algorithm. Even if you are a supplier on the platform, your product will probably not move very much. You have to learn, and you have to do your own sales and marketing. That is the basis of the lean startup. In fact, even if you don’t have a product, you can source the products on the marketplace, put your own label on them and move them in the market. So you have to self-sell and self-market.

Nuclear Submarine Marketing Strategy

Now there are some justified mental blocks. For example, when I started planning my own consultancy business back in 2015-16 after we sold the company, I still needed to stick with the company for a little bit to get paid my stock money out, and they usually have some time during which they pay you out.

And I was getting hungry to go out into the market again. I am the kind of a guy who likes the whole Hotshot corporate honcho and having my name and photo in the papers. I enjoyed that Limelight, but at my heart, I was planning to go out and do something new in the marketplace back in 2015. I realized that I could not put myself out there until I got paid out because we had built the startup over a period of 7-8 years. So obviously, that money was significant, and the time invested in that venture was also significant. So I needed to cash out.

So what I did was I developed this methodology, which is called nuclear submarine marketing strategy, where you don’t put yourself out till your launch date. All your marketing and everything happens in a targeted laser beam fashion, and nobody comes to know. If you have friends, colleagues, relatives, superiors, your boss and your company, or employer that you don’t want them to find out that you’re planning something for your own financial future, then we follow the strategy which is called the nuclear submarine strategy. In this strategy, we operate under the radar until the strike comes. People only find out when the bomb is hit. And by that time, you’re already in the money.

I have mastered the strategy to the point where you can actually go for six months to a year to two years and collect your first 25 lac rupees without anyone even knowing that this is happening. But, make no mistake that you will have to put yourself out there in some shape or form at some point in time. These businesses of today are all personality-driven. They’re not brand-driven.

So you have to do the selfie videos, you do have to learn the technology and all, and then you can utilize the algorithms and all of the other tools and techniques we teach in the whole nuclear submarine approach. The core belief of not wanting to do your sales and marketing will make you and keep you a poor person in this market or any other market because the die has been cast. You cannot roll back the internet. You cannot roll back social media. You cannot roll back the economy, a glutted, oversupplied economy, where the only value you can bring is optimization. You have to sell this optimization to people based on human connection and community building. There are no two ways about it. Even 20 years later, things are not going to change.

So, you have to decide that you have to master these skills. And like I said, I’ll teach you all the tools and techniques to keep it under the radar. Some of you have just about justifiable doubt saying, I don’t want my employer to know this; that’s cool. I will help you keep it under the radar so you’re ready until the time comes. You don’t need to declare anything, but the core belief system that says, I will not sell, I will make, you will always be poor, and you will be bankrupt within three months of launching your business, so that is not an option.

You have to get these core beliefs right. People who are successful say, I’ll do my own sales and marketing. I’ll figure it out myself. I’ll create the time. I don’t need to be perfect. And then, I don’t need to be an expert. And all of the expertise, the basic skills, etc., that you need will be taught to you.

If you can serve, people will connect with you. You don’t have to be special. You don’t have to show off. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be any of this stuff. All you have to think is, can I solve someone’s problem? Can I put this thing out every day, and people will gravitate towards me, and the community will form around me? Your mindset should be, how can I serve rather than how can I look cool? How can I be perfect? None of that matters. This is the core difference. So your core beliefs will drive your thoughts, will drive your feelings, will drive your action.

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