Welcome to The Best Business Education on The Planet

Welcome to The Best Business Education on The Planet

Welcome to the best business education on the planet guaranteed you are just at the right place. What do I mean by the best business education on the planet guaranteed? If you are a corporate professional who suddenly realizes that you cannot trust your coworkers your company or even your industry to take care of your financial needs in the long term or you are a certified professional like a doctor, lawyer, chartered accountant, architect who is lost in an ocean of others as doctors, lawyers and chartered accountants and architect and you don’t feel so special anymore.

In spite of all the hard work you did reaching here or your small business owner with the business on the ground who sick and tired of being the punching bag every time there riot every time they Zeb and every time there is COVID related lockdown the Government orders you to put up your business down the first and second tired of that when you are the right place my friend if you scroll up and down on this forum you will find information tips and tricks and hacks to stay on top. This information is not available anywhere on YouTube anywhere on Coursera, Udemy on the hundreds of at that you see on Facebook.

I can guarantee you that if you stay engaged. If you keep liking commenting and interacting this single forum will give you lacs in crores rupees in the months to years to come. It’s all free, so welcome once again. I am your host and dost tenure and Holy Ghost my name is Dr. Rajat, and literally my three-line stories after completing my MBBS degree from India’s number 2 rank medical college. I came out into society and I realized I was lost in an oversupplied market that had tons of other doctors and I didn’t feel so special anymore. In spite of that, I diligently went to my hospital job and within the first year, I realized there’s a huge problem in our culture. People were unwilling to pay good money to doctors because they thought medical services should be provided as Samaj Seva for free and that some people take their family’s out to a multiplex and happily spend 2000 rupees every weekend, buying inflated prices popcorn and watching movies that they could easily rent on DVD for 80 rupees.

It seriously got me thinking is this a financial problem or is this a cultural problem and I realize it’s both. Very soon I realize that there is a certain emotion that people are attached to money and there are things that they do not want to spend on even if they could save your life and then there are things that they do want to spend on even though they could be as frivolous inflated movie tickets and expensive popcorn.

Psychology of Money

My Quest led me to understand what it is about the psychology of money? Very soon I realized that more important than solving the problems of physiology for people, it was important to solve the psychology of money for myself and hopefully for others. In the next few years, I chose to go into sales and marketing and up doing business nationally and internationally, and then I was lucky enough to be a part of a team that built and sold a company in Silicon Valley for close to 500 crore rupees. That is why my friend I tell you to stay tuned because this information is not available anywhere else in your friends and family circles or on the Internet because by the grace of the universe nobody else has done what I’ve been able to do.

Hangout club which is a Facebook group is one of three levels of membership that you have in the Startup Frat universe and as part of the Hangout group you get a free business education, that’s all over this place every month we promote one or two products that you might get either free or discounted access to that is not available to the people outside the Hangout.  Every month when we roll out a new product we give you a 7 to10 days free look at the product before we start retailing it through the open market. So those are some of the gifts that you can expect while you are here. If you come here through Facebook for something as you might already have one such free training in your inbox, So just check your email for a mail from rajat@startupfrat.com and if you don’t have it, you can whitelist your email at startupfrat.club/whitelist If you don’t already have a gift or a free training, a free calculator, or a free tool that you can use today in your practice in your business or trying to build a business from your skills then go over their startupfrat.club/whitelist and whitelist email address.

We will probably be having promo training giving away for free. This is level 2, Level 1 you are already in. A level 2 to you can get your email whitelisted, get some extra training, etc that we have reserved only for an email list. The third thing is the academy. We also have premium programs which are MBA-level programs. All the way I don’t give a degree or certification, but utilizing these programs you could improve your income by a minimum of 6 figures within a period of 60 to 90 days. Many of our students have done so you’ll see all the case studies. If you do happen to go over there is a startupfrat.club/academy take a look around and as a hangout club member you also have deals of the month on that. If you look around you see something you like in the academy. Before buying it at retail prices please email my assistant at sawal@startupfrat.com asking for a deal of the month and he will be more than happy to help you.

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