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The No.1 Attribute of a Business Owner

INTRODUCTION                                           Being a successful business owner and being able to carve a niche for your brand will require you to have a multitude of skills. Unlike being an employee where you are given specific roles to play, being a business … Read More

4 Key Questions to Ensure You Don’t Get Lost in the Sale!

There are 4 Key Questions that you MUST ask WITHIN the First Few Minutes of starting your Sales presentation that ENSURE that you know EXACTLY where you’re going, and keep YOU in control of the Meeting, Not the Customer. How … Read More

3 Big Reasons You Don’t Own Your Own Business

If you’re like me, you probably already know that Financial Freedom should top the list of desires that you want to achieve, with your time on the planet. Owning your own business is the No.1 route to Financial freedom. Financial … Read More

6 Steps to Follow Up With Prospects

Have you ever completed a Sales presentation and then later during the Follow Up, found it uncomfortable to ask your prospect to become a customer OR join your business ? Well, if you’re like me you’ve probably struggled for a … Read More

How to Invite Prospects to Your Meeting

How to Invite Prospects Hi This is Rajat here, from Startup Frat. Expanding your small Home-Based business is more a game of scale than a game of skill. Which means that hard-work and churning the numbers play a more important … Read More

2 Secrets for Success in Sales & Sponsoring

2 SECRETS FOR SUCCESS Hi – This is Rajat here, and today we’re going to be talking about the 2 Secrets of Success when you go out to promote your business – whether it’s to go and get customers for … Read More

When the Principles are Right, Even Failures are Forgiven

As a first-time entrepreneur, you may feel lost or scared at the thought of starting out on your own. Too many times, would-be business owners are dissuaded because of reasons that can be bunched into 2 main categories: Don’t Know … Read More

How to Suceed in Network Marketing

Now that you’re probably adept at distinguishing a legitimate Network Marketing business from an illegal scheme (hyperlink to prev article), let me show you to succeed in different types of Network Marketing compensation plans. First and foremost, let us visit the basics. Whether … Read More

The #1 Secret to MLM Success

I bet you would like to know the secrets to MLM success, don’t you? In today’s time, there is absolutely nobody who has not been exposed to a Network Marketing Opportunity – either as a potential customer or as a … Read More

The Difference Between Being Super Rich and Wealthy

The Difference Between Being Super Rich and Wealthy… Would you like to be super rich, or merely wealthy? What do those terms mean anyway? Does being Rich, and/or Wealthy both mean the same thing? Well, Internet searches are for the … Read More